27th Annual CATAAlliance Innovation Awards Nominees - Cast Your Vote

For more than two decades, the CATAAlliance Innovation & Leadership awards have been the most prestigious annual awards conferred on individuals and corporations by Canada's advanced technology community. They are presented in recognition of exceptional contributions made to the creation of science and technology-based industrial strength in Canada.

CATAAlliance in partnership with our Gala host the Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa, will acknowledge one outstanding individual or company in each of the following categories:

CATAAlliance will tabulate the results from Canada's high tech sector and the winners will be announced at the CATAAlliance Innovation Awards Dinner (May 30, 2012, at the Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa).

Please note the following awards Finalists are to be adjudicated through a Special Selection Committee:

The Celestica Award for Technology Commercialization
CAMSC Innovation through Diversity Award

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New Award for Cloud Computing Innovation

The Cloud Computing Innovation Award for Excellence in Public Sector is presented to an organization leading service transformation through the adoption of cloud computing and contributing to the building of a culture of excellence in the Canadian public sector.



Yellow Pencil

Yellow Pencil is a leading provider of Open Text Web Site Management implementation services in North America, and has worked on many of Open Text's flagship accounts. Their services for the City of Edmonton were a featured case study in the new book by Tom Jenkins, Executive Chairman of Open Text, “Managing Content in the Cloud.” Yellow Pencil is one of Canada’s leading accessibility specialists. We believe that it shouldn't matter how fast your internet connection is, or how good your eyesight is. Everyone should be able to access a website's information easily and quickly, regardless of visual, physical or technological impediments. They move all that technology into the cloud (and off your to-do list), with their Hosted Solutions services. While Yellow Pencil’s customer base includes regulated and financial industries, post-secondary education, energy sector and private sector, there’s just something about cities that they find particularly compelling. This company has created new ways of addressing public sector needs all the time as they extend their ever evolving Municipality As A Service model to cities of all sizes.



Cybera is a not-for-profit organization that works to spur and support innovation, for the economic benefit of Alberta, through the use of cyberinfrastructure. Cybera’s access to computing infrastructure, in-house cloud expertise, and a high-speed, high-bandwidth advanced network enables academic, industry and government groups to innovate in priority areas, including health, energy, the environment, and emerging technologies. Cybera’s cloud involvement has focused primarily on delivering IaaS and PaaS. Within these areas, Cybera has forged new relationships with international cloud projects, including OpenStack, as well as contributed to cloud development communities, such as Australia’s research cloud project, NeCTAR. Cybera has also helped build and deploy the cloud infrastructure for projects such as CANARIE’s Digital Accelerator for Innovation and Research (DAIR). Cybera’s Development and Operations (DevOps) team aims to share its cloud knowledge with the broader development community as much as possible. Cybera played a significant role in the development of the Community Health Immunization Program (CHIP) -- a collaboration between Cybera, Okaki Health Intelligence and Pfizer. This ground-breaking program has digitized more than 30,000 paper immunization records for residents of four First Nations communities in Alberta. Cybera also helped make it easier to source, share and use public Canadian water and environmental data with its management of the Water and Environmental Hub (WEHUB)./p>



The increasing occurrence of cyber attacks has made security more important to the average user. Password and data breaches are occurring at even the most powerful organizations, including large corporations like Sony and government organizations utilizing the most advanced technology such as FAA. SmartSignin was conceived with a non-technical user in mind. Most solutions available in today’s marketplace are designed for large enterprises. The few available to small businesses and individuals are insecure, need collaboration, and are far too complicated for ordinary users to comprehend. SmartSignin started asking questions and learning more about the ‘little guy’s’ needs. Then we developed a product based on their feedback. Having forecasted the inevitable growth of cloud computing and having observed the increase in security breaches, they wanted to provide a secure way for web users, whether they be enterprise or regular users, to take charge of their own online identities in the simplest way—while maintaining privacy, integrity and data security. The SmartSignin team, inspired by their CTO, Dr. Kumar Murty (a renowned cryptographer, Chair of the Math Department at the University of Toronto, and Head Cryptographer of Ganita Labs), developed the SmartSignin web & cloud Identity Management applications secured by the patented, Smart-Key Algorithm. The goal at SmartSignin is to provide their customers the most robust security technologically available while simultaneously maintaining ease-of-use and affordability.


City of Calgary

The City of Calgary is one of the fastest growing, tech savvy municipalities. The City Council & Mayor are great proponents of using technology to enable citizen engagement with the administration. To cater to their evolving municipal technology needs, within their available resources and budgets; Information Technology at The City has been exploring innovative alternate service delivery models and has begun their journey in the adoption of cloud computing. A cloud computing strategy is contained in our 3 year (2012-2014) technology and business plan and aligns with our key corporate initiatives (e.g. eGovernment, Tomorrow’s Workplace, Transforming Government). The City has proactively adopted a balanced approach towards cloud computing – evaluating and enabling business services where business risk is low and high business value can be delivered. The role of IT has been evolving from that of sole provider to service broker with the adoption of a Cloud computing business model. IT has been working closely with corporate stakeholders (Supply & Finance, FOIP & Privacy Office, Legal, Corporate Records, Corporate Security) and most importantly with our internal business clients and citizens. A corporate cloud strategy team is in place and a roadmap outlining key milestones (SaaS, IaaS, & PaaS) has been established. The City plans to be both a consumer and provider of cloud services in a hybrid or community cloud model. Collaboration with regional municipalities, provincial and federal partners is one of the key elements of their cloud strategy and they continue to look forward to any opportunities to share and learn.


Outstanding Product Achievement - ICT/Health/Clean Tech

This award will be presented to a Canadian organization for an outstanding technology engineering development which has resulted in the production of a world-class product or family of products. The product will have proven itself in operation and its design and market success will have enhanced Canada's international reputation for innovation and excellence.




Diversinet provides patented and proven products that enable healthcare organizations to rapidly deploy HIPAA-compliant mobile healthcare (mHealth) applications to anyone, anytime, anywhere, on mobile devices. The company specializes in delivering “Healthcare. Connected and Protected.” Secure mobile healthcare technology provided by Diversinet is helping the U.S. Army provide ongoing, enhanced case management for thousands of injured soldiers recovering at home. The Army's mCare program targets soldiers serving in the Community Based Warrior in Transition Units (CBWTU) program, which enables those with traumatic brain injuries and other wounds to receive medical care. A HIPAA-compliant, two-way messaging application based on Diversinet's MobiSecure® platform was proven during a one-year pilot program, continued and expanded under a five-year contract. mCare addresses the challenges of providing secure case management for geographically dispersed patients who require varied interdisciplinary treatments and use diverse mobile devices.



Unitron's innovations make life better for people with hearing loss through patented technologies that set new industry standards. More than 100 dedicated audiologists and R&D professionals work to continuously improve their unique products, which address the number-one concern of people with hearing loss: understanding speech-in-noise. Moxi™ is an ultra-small Behind The Ear (BTE) hearing instrument available as an open-fit Canal Receiver Technology (CRT). The hearing aid is virtually invisible, sitting discreetly behind the ear. A thin tube connects to an amplifier, which is inserted into the ear canal. Moxi has experienced unprecedented market success, enhancing Unitron's reputation in the hearing industry and Canada's international reputation for innovation and excellence. Since its introduction in June 2011 on Unitron's new technology platform, Unitron has sold more than 52,000 Moxi hearing aids in 13 countries, with recent expansion to 8 additional countries.



Lymbix was founded in 2009 with the idea of mastering tone within the inbox, and have since evolved that thinking to encompass all text-based interaction including social media and beyond. Recognizing that opinion and passion can easily be misunderstood, Lymbix set out to find the best way to conquer it. Lymbix is a fast-pased start-up company that is passionate about listening to their customers and community to make sentiment intelligence technology and the products using it better every day. The ToneCheck™ add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010 was designed to alert people of negative sentiment in their message before they press send. The Sentiment Lexicon uses an adaptive learning engine and a community-powered website called ToneADay.com to identify and incorporate new language and social media acronyms. The application gauges words and phrases against 8 levels of connotative feeling, enabling end users to make real-time corrections and adjust the overall tone of messages using a simple menu system.


Ericsson Outstanding Product Achievement - Content and Application Mobility Industry (MoCo)

The Ericsson Outstanding Product Achievement Award recognizes excellence in the Content and Applications Mobility Industry and will be presented to a Canadian organization for an outstanding technology engineering development which has resulted in the production of a world-class Mobility product or family of products. The product will have proven itself in operation and its design and market success will have enhanced Canada's international reputation for innovation and excellence.



JUICE Mobile

JUICE is independent and has no investment from any web portal, agency group, publisher or technology company – by design. Founded in 2010, JUICE is the first firm in Canada that is solely dedicated to the mobile advertising market, uniquely positioning it to help brands connect with audiences on all mobile devices including phones, tablets, readers and game consoles. Based in Toronto, JUICE Mobile is a fully financed and privately held company that was founded in response to the rapid growth and adoption of mobile devices. JUICE Mobile is the first of its kind in Canada: one that is solely dedicated to the mobile advertising market. JUICE Mobile has quickly emerged as Canada's leading mobile marketing and analytics firm and has ushered more leading brands into the mobile space than any other firm. Comprised of experts with over 15+ years of industry experience, JUICE is passionate about growing the mobile marketing industry in Canada.



The team behind Tether are smartphone users who were frustrated by the BlackBerry, iPhone and Android tethering options currently on the market. They were expensive, slow, difficult to use, and limited access to certain sites. Tether wanted to do better, and knew that they could. Tether's dedicated R&D team of developers began working on a custom tethering option that would be fast, easy and allow full access to the entire Internet from anywhere. With this goal in mind, Tether was born. With an entirely new approach to tethering, they have successfully developed a product that is like no other on the market. Tether empowers your mobile workforce by providing Internet and VPN connectivity on their laptops through their smartphones leveraging the existing data plans that they already have, ensuring that there is no need for expensive aircards, additional tethering data plans, or extra hardware.


Polar Mobile

Polar Mobile is a leading platform provider for digital media distribution globally. The world's largest media companies work with Polar today, including CBS Interactive, Conde Nast, Sports Illustrated, Shanghai Daily, Future Publishing, Rogers Media, Khaleej Times, TC.Media and The Wall Street Journal. Polar is a go-to partner for top-tier publishers, broadcasters and sports media brands, having worked with over 380 media brands in 12 countries and served over 1.6 billion page views to 11 million users to-date. Their current product, SMART™, provides a powerful solution for media companies to launch custom-branded apps across iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, PlayBook, Windows Phone and Nokia devices. Included in the solutio is advertising, reporting, hosting, maintenance and support for our customers' mobile apps across all devices. With a time-to-market measured in weeks versus months, SMART is a proven solution tailored for the media industry.


The Motorola Award for Public Safety Technology

The Award will be presented to a Canadian organization for an outstanding technology engineering development which has resulted in the production of a world-class Public Safety product or family of products. The product will have proven itself in operation and its design and market success will have enhanced Canada's international reputation for innovation and excellence.




Building on over 28 years of experience in critical communications, Solacom continually pushes the technology envelop to develop intelligent solutions for interoperability and integration of multiple types of land lines, radio, WiFi, WiMax, satellite, VoIP, video, sensors, IP and data into one common operating picture. Whether it is a small Next Generation 9-1-1 answering point, or a special interoperability solution for a large defense contract, Solacom is among the world's foremost technology experts for robust, field proven critical communications solutions. In February, Solacom Technologies announced that they have commenced deploying their emergency services platform in a multi-site IP-based next generation 9-1-1 network that will serve all Islands and public safety answering points (PSAPs) in the state of Hawaii. The Solacom system has an IP-based architecture and is designed to evolve well into the future in order to meet i3 standards developed by the National Emergency Number Association. The next generation network will set the stage for new ways of communicating with 9-1-1 centers by such means as texting, sending videos or photos, or even automatically generated messages from medical devices.



EmerGeo provides emergency and crisis management software and services to clients worldwide. In response to growing demands for multi-agency interoperability and real-time situational awareness, EmerGeo has developed two integrated products: Fusionpoint and EmerGeo Mapping. Fusionpoint™ has been successfully deployed in dozens of government and industry organizations around the world (including Windsor, Essex County and many emergency agencies in Ontario, Manitoba and BC). The software addresses a major problem that every agency or large corporation faces when disaster strikes – establishing interoperable multi-agency communications and shared situational awareness. In September, FusionPoint technology was utilized to enable interoperability among the US Coast Guard, Canada Customs, and the Cities of Detroit and Windsor to test emergency preparedness on the Detroit River. EmerGeo Mapping provides more than just a GIS system – but a uniquely managed Common Operating Picture (mCOP™) technology, based on open standards, provides reliable world-class risk management technology and professional services that are proven effective in helping government and industry to mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and planned events.


Adventure Lights

Adventure Lights is a Canadian company whose products are manufactured to ISO 9002 standards. Their products are built in Laval, Quebec, which houses their surface mount technologies, assembly, design studios, engineering and executive offices. Adventure Lights' goal is to make innovative, high quality products at a reasonable cost. They do this using advanced engineering, design and manufacturing expertise. Their SMART Beacon technology was named a pre-qualified innovation with the incredibly successful Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program (CICP). The mesh networked wearable beacon system that allows commanders and fire support units to instantly identify friendly forces in contact situations. The SMART beacon system also allows for instant visual identification of people, places and objects for military, search and rescue, security and civil applications. Adventure Lights is especially proud to know that their products have helped save lives, and played a pivotal role in the operation success of numerous missions since 1995. Quantum Marine Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of Adventure Lights covert products to the military, police and other government agencies. Quantum Marine Ltd. specializes is R&D and the realization of specialised and innovative products in partnership with various government agencies.


Ernst & Young CIO Leadership Award

The Ernst & Young CIO Leadership Award will recognize CIOs, or those in equivalent positions, who have shown excellence in managing their organization's enterprise-wide information systems, yielding the greatest returns to their enterprises. Other selection factors include: community engagement, team leadership and authoring of articles, white papers, including speaking engagements. Winners will be selected for two categories: SME business (under 150 employees), and large corporations (more than 150 employees). Finalists and award recipients will be chosen by a selection committee comprising experts drawn from the CIO Association of Canada, CATAAlliance and KPMG.



Susan Doniz – CIO, Aimia
[Full Bio]

As part of Aimia's executive team, Susan Doniz joined in the new role of global Chief Information Officer. She is responsible for defining the global internal and external Information & Technology strategy to deliver innovation and growth across and within regions. Previous to this role she enjoyed a variety of leadership roles at Procter & Gamble such as leading a global transformational P&G strategy to 'Digitize' P&G from Concept Creation to Shopper; Global Shared Service executive for the $19 billion P&G Beauty & Grooming business for R&D, Product Supply and Sales; Global services leader across Purchasing, Planning, Global Master Data Shared Service, Business Intelligence & Analytics and the CIO & Shared Services (Business Analytics/Intelligence, Procurement, Project Management, Master Data, Consumer Relations, Financial Services & Accounting, Employee Services(Benefit, Payroll, Relocation, Travel), and Real Estate) leader for Procter & Gamble Canada.


Jean-Michel Ares – CIO, BMO
[Full Bio]

Jean-Michel Arès is Group Head, Technology and Operations, BMO Financial Group. He holds enterprise accountability for the diverse businesses within T&O: Technology Development & Enterprise Infrastructure, Product Operations, Corporate Real Estate and Strategic Sourcing. He is responsible for leading the 7,000 employees in T&O to drive innovation and to partner with business leaders to use technology as a strategic lever in achieving aggressive growth targets and our vision to be the bank that defines great customer experience. Active in the community, Mr. Arès has most recently supported TechBridge, an organization that helps non-profits use technology to increase their capacity to serve the community; Women in Technology, a group whose aim is to develop and promote women for success; and United Way.


Claude Robitaille – CTO, Accedian Networks
[Full Bio]

In 2000, Claude Robitaille co-founded Colubris Networks where he developed a leading edge line of WiFi Access routers and successfully held the positions of Operations Manager and Director of R&D. Prior to Colubris, Claude was part of EICON Technologies' core engineering team where he designed a broad Datacom access product portfolio and successfully held the positions of Product Architect, Project Manager and Team Leader. With over 18 years of relevant experience in the Telecom industry, Claude brings to Accedian Networks a solid background in R&D and Operations, including strong experience in designing for and managing contract manufacturers and high-volume operations.


Private Sector Innovation and/or Leadership in Advanced Technology

This Award is presented by the Telfer School of Management to an individual from the private sector in recognition of outstanding technological innovation and corporate leadership which has significantly expanded the frontiers of Canada's advanced technology industry. The recipient must have demonstrated consistent innovation and leadership skills resulting in the creation and international acceptance of significant world-class products and/or the establishment and development of a major advanced technology company or companies that have withstood the test of time. Contributions to achieving a more competitive investment climate in Canada will also be taken into account.



Sebastien Marineau-Mes – Senior VP, Engineering, QNX Systems

QNX Software Systems, a subsidiary of Research in Motion (RIM), creates software for systems used by millions of people every day. These include handsfree and infotainment units in more than 25 million vehicles, massive routers at the core of the Internet, medical devices in operating rooms, control systems in wind farms and nuclear plants, dispatch systems for 9-1-1 call centers, high-tech cameras on the International Space Station, and the OS in the BlackBerry Playbook tablet. Sebastien Marineau-Mes has been at the heart of QNX's worldwide success through his leadership in all of the company's R&D activities, including software development and quality assurance. During the last decade, QNX has tripled its revenues, and Sebastien has created and managed the product innovations that contributed to this growth, including the tool suite mentioned above. Sebastien has also increased QNX's business by contributing directly to the company's technology and product portfolio. His personal contributions include software optimizations for multi-core chips (key to the PlayBook, Cisco routers, and many other customer systems) and adaptive partitioning, an innovative technology that makes customers' systems more secure and responsive.


Anthony Lacavera – Chairman, Globalive Communications Corp.

Since founding Globalive in 1998 after graduating from the University of Toronto with a Computer Engineering degree, Lacavera has led the company to become the global leader in next-generation telecommunications that it is today. Throughout his career, Lacavera has worked to revolutionize telecommunications in Canada; encouraging a more globally competitive Canadian market. Recognizing widespread consumer frustration with incumbent carriers, he spearheaded Globalive's participation in the Federal Government's 2008 Advanced Wireless Spectrum auction. Under Lacavera's leadership Globalive has received numerous best in business awards, including ranking #1 on Profit Magazine's 2004 list of Canada's 100 fastest growing companies. Globalive has also been named one of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies for six consecutive years, included in Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 and listed among Canada's 50 Hottest Startups.


Ryan Holmes – CEO, Hootsuite Media

HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes' entrepreneurial endeavors include successes in a variety of industries from founding a pizza restaurant chain to building the top online paintball equipment supplier in Canada before founding Invoke, the agency that created the popular social media dashboard tool. His interest in tech emerged early after winning an Apple II in an elementary school programming contest. Ryan founded digital agency Invoke Media in 2000 to provide holistic marketing, development and design services. Invoke also developed products including early CMS and e-commerce web apps, the Memelabs contesting platform, and then social media dashboard HootSuite. Rapid growth led to spin-out and funding of HootSuite in December 2009. Ryan frequently presents at conferences internationally — including TEDx, 140tc, OMMA, 140conf, IMA, Open Network Labs — speaking about the evolution of the social web. He is widely quoted in media sources including NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Guardian (UK), and Venture Beat. In recent news, OMERS Ventures announced its purchase of a $20 million ownership stake in Vancouver-based HootSuite.

Public Sector Leadership in Advanced Technology

The Public Sector Leadership Award is presented by CSC to a leading individual from the public sector to recognize a significant contribution to the development and application of advanced technology in Canada. The recipient must have demonstrated creativity and leadership in the design and implementation of policies and programs to support the development and application of advanced technology. The recipient will have been consistent in supporting technology and its application. Programs initiated by the recipient must have provided important support to the developers of technology as well as to industries which will benefit from its use.



Ashwin Kutty – Program Manager, Capital Health

Ashwin is atypical in his approach to pushing the boundaries for where health care needs to get to from an IM/IT perspective. He challenges the norm while supporting the needs both anticipated and those that will be prevalent in the horizon. He is well recognized in his field, and has been awarded the Next Generation Leadership Award nationally at the last GTEC conference for his ongoing work in health and public administration. Ashwin's most recent rework of patient flow within the organization through the introduction of clustering registration services with the use of touch screen Kiosks technologies have changed the way this simple administrative function is now performed within healthcare. Should you ask Ashwin, he says this is just the surface of a technology that shows promise to further empower the patients & their families in managing their own information in healthcare. He has provided for statistics that have shown a 92% positive response rate to this new introduction, while an overall improvement well above 80% on the data quality seen within the system. He plans and hopes for bigger changes in the dynamics of this technology to allow for a wider integration, yet simplification for engaging patients & their families in their care.


Christian Couturier – CIO, Government of New Brunswick, and former Director General, NRC-IIT

The Government of New Brunswick broadened and strengthened the role of chief information officer earlier this Fall as it announced Christian Couturier, formerly the Director General of the National Research Council Institute for Information Technology, would be taking over the role and play a key part in shaping the provincial government's innovation and research agenda. Mr. Couturier has been an enormous asset to the Province's Innovation mandate as he also guides the improvement of traditional information management while ensuring the provincial government makes the most effective and efficient use of existing and emerging technologies. Mr. Couturier has also contributed significantly to Canada's technology sector as the former Director General of the National Research Council Institute for Information Technology (NRC-IIT). Christian's success was recognized on a national level when he was named one of Canada's "Top 40 Under 40." He has also received the NRC Outstanding Achievement Award and the KIRA Industry Person of the Year award. His work was recognized throughout the Atlantic region when he became the most-nominated of the Top 50 CEOs in Atlantic Canada by Atlantic Business Magazine. Christian continues to seek out and develop a new generation of leaders with innovative ideas and perspectives.


Information Technology Strategic HR Leadership Award

The ICTC (Infomation and Communications Technology Council) Award is presented to the Information Technology (IT) company or organization that enhanced their performance and reputation by leveraging organization human capital. Their efforts should demonstrate how Human Resources (HR) align with corporate strategic goals and enhances their successes. The winner will have led their organization by effectively providing leadership on HR issues, contributing to business growth and communicating the value of HR.Nominations will be evaluated on an organization's IT HR planning, delivery and execution as well as demonstrated understanding and use of technology, business knowledge and strategic contributions. The organization honoured will also demonstrate their belief and dedication towards understanding the IT sector and its many innovations. Judges will evaluate the extend to which the nominees HR strategy and actions added value while attracting and developing an engaged, motivated and highly qualified workforce.




Pythian has specialized in remote database services and consulting since its inception in September 1997. More than 1,000 companies a day reach out to their website to find information to help them solve their database issues. The company has placed a great deal of weight on HR. Under the leadership of Heidi Hauver, the company most recently implemented Pythian's first external Candidate Tracking System and an external HRIS to further increase their efficiencies in recruitment and tracking key HR metrics/data. Heidi represents Pythian on the Hire Immigrant Ottawa's IT Working Group and assisted Pythian in winning the 2012 Employer Excellence Award for outstanding practices in retention of skilled immigrants. The company has also expanded their Coop program and ability to attract new graduates by aligning with the following College/Universities: Algonquin College, Carleton University, University of Guelph and Dalhousie University, University of Toronto. Pythian has developed unparalleled skills, mature methodologies, best practices and tools that ensure Pythian clients receive a level of service that can't be found anywhere else.



Careerify is a social recruitment and employee engagement software that allows organizations to connect with their employees' vast social networks, creating an opportunity to reach millions of potential candidates, and source the best talent for their business. Careerify provides employers the capability to automate and optimize referrals, engage employees, and empower employees to broadcast their company's brand to their social and professional networks. Careerify was the winner of the 2011 Blue Sky ISV Innovation Excellence Awards. The award recognized Careerify for its market-changing approach to solving significant business problems, as well as for its innovative use of leading technologies. Harpaul Sambhi, CEO of Careerify, suggests that all of HR's technology, from recruitment to performance reviews, will have a social component in the next 5 years. Careerify has also been named a top ten cloud company to watch by IDC Canada and named to the annual Branham300 by Branham Group, which recognizes the Top 25 Up and Coming Canadian companies based on revenue, growth and innovation.


Talent Technology

Just like sales force automation systems need marketing or lead generation systems that find, attract, capture potential customer sales leads, recruiters needed a new category of software called 'Talent Generation' to find, attract, and capture candidates. In recruiting terms we call these steps source, market, and engage. Talemetry is our marketing leading talent generation suite that delivers a unified solution for organizations to source, market, and engage candidates. They deliver a set of modules designed to let organizations of all sizes connect people and jobs. Talent Technology is the largest talent generation software vendor with over 80 million applicants generated by their systems every year. The company most recently acquired HR Integrations, LLC, providers of the HRNX (HR iNtegration eXchange) integration network. HRNX is a cloud-based solution that connects HR systems with leading HR services providers through pre-built, managed integrations. HRNX delivers a revolutionary alternative to expensive, complex, multiple, one-off vendor integrations.


Emerging Technology

The Alcatel-Lucent Emerging Technology Award is given in recognition of the recent launch of an innovative new product. Advanced technology products, technology-based services and products that utilize emerging technologies may be considered. Entries will be judged in relation to the degree of innovation incorporated in the product and its market potential.



FutureState IT Inc.

Futurestate IT created the first and only cloud based solution called AppRx to automate the testing of applications against targeted operating systems and provides for the ongoing management of applications to keep them current. By using an automated application testing solution, typical Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) has been 90% lower compared to costs associated with completing the application testing manually. Their experience has shown that manual application testing can cost upwards of $4,000 per application. AppRx provides automated testing of applications for migration to Windows 7, Server 2008, IE 8/9 or virtualization platforms. The solution examines each application to determine if a vendor upgrade is available, if the application is compatible with the target platform 'as is', or if / what remediation is possible to enable it to run. As a cloud solution, AppRx does not require any end-user hardware or software infrastructure or the associated maintenance or support costs. The goal of AppRx is to help you dramatically reduce the time, cost and risk of application migration projects, so that you can utilize your limited resources optimally to manage your portfolio of applications. FutureState IT was also nominated by IDC Canada as one of the "top 10 Canadian Cloud Company to Watch."


Wedge Networks

Based on Deep Content Inspection (DCI) technology, Wedge Networks addresses a variety of security issues. Whether the organization is concerned with securing itself against malware, or whether it must deal with the growth of unprotected mobile device usage, Wedge Networks WedgeOSTM platform for security solutions enables companies to regain control of their Internet and web infrastructure. WedgeOS provides a new software platform for conducting full content inspection for network application traffic in real-time. Service modules, such as Anti-Malware, Anti-Spam, DLP, etc. can be applied to the network data traffic to enforce customized policies. Wedge's Deep Content Inspection (DCI)-based solutions, leverages comprehensive signatures across mobile and fixed devices, and heuristics and reputation-based databases, to provide the highest accuracy in malware detection. The patented WedgeOS platform provides a scalable, real-time solution that understands the intent of Data-in-Motion, enabling detection and remediation of known and novel threats without impacting performance. WedgeOS shatters the industry misconception that Deep Content Inspection (DCI) is not suitable for Telco and ISP networks because of the latency introduced. The WedgeOS platform is the industry's first solution to provide security from new HTML5 threats


Cogent Industrial Technologies

Cogent Industrial Technologies Ltd. is a professional services company committed to delivering integrated technology solutions that empower industrial clients with a competitive advantage. Named one of British Columbia's top 25 exporters of professional services, Cogent offers its services and solutions to clients in the engineered woods, bioenergy, water/wastewater and utilities sectors around the world. As industrial operations continue to meet the challenges of increasing global competition, the need to improve productivity, eliminate variation in quality, improve performance and leverage their people is critical to success. To meet this challenge, Cogent has leveraged its expertise in plant-wide system integration and operations performance management and has developed Op.X Solutions (Op.X), the next generation in smart-operations. Op.X is a real-time platform that connects business level information technology to process and manufacturing systems. Designed to empower people to improve the performance of their operations, Op.X caters to plant managers, operators, maintenance personnel and other members of operation looking to expand operational visibility, analyze and improve performance, access enterprise-wide information and collaborate and communicate across all functions of their operation.


Western Union Business Solutions – Travelex Global Payments

In 2010, WUBS launched GEO, an intuitive global payments network that allows WUBS to intelligently route payments through the most appropriate form of clearing (either as Book Transfers or through various other channels), based on the location of the beneficiary bank, the amount of the payment, and the value date required. The key differentiator lies in the networks' simplicity and flexibility for clients. The GEO network essentially chooses the optimum payment method and routing based on the client's requirements for timing and cost and maximizes the cost-savings potential. In June 2011, WUBS became the first non-bank payments specialists to offer business transfer in RMB through the GEO network. The new technology was specifically developed for easy integration within Enterprise software, and the accounting software of Treasury Management Systems—without any IT development on the end of the client or significant business process changes.


The Peter Brojde Award for Canada’s Next Generation Executive Leadership

This Award recognizes the executive leadership of an individual who has had a major impact on the creation, success and/or transformation of their enterprise. Candidates will typically hold senior positions such as CEO, CFO, COO, President or Vice-President. The winner will be representative of Canada’s next generation of Innovation Nation business leaders.



Paul Vallée – Executive Chairman and Founder, Pythian
[Full Bio]

Paul Vallée founded Pythian, his fourth company at the age of 25. From its modest beginnings of two employees and a couple of laptops, the company has grown to a team of more than 160 with offices in North America, Europe and Asia. Pythian generates well in excess of $17 million in revenue year, and has turned a profit every year since its inception. Pythian houses one of the world's largest concentrations of dedicated, full-time DBA expertise, specializing in Oracle, Oracle Applications, MySQL, SQL Server and systems administration for UNIX/LINUX and Windows Platforms. The company has taken on a global presence with offices in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. In both 2010 and 2012 Pythian was listed on the Profit 200's Ranking of Canada's Fastest Growing Companies. In these past twelve years since Pythian's founding, Paul has been at the helm of the company through staggering growth, creating a special environment where the industry's best minds want to work and where the industry's toughest problems naturally flow.


Sage Baker - CEO, Q5 Innovations Inc.
[Full Bio]

Sage is passionate about identifying opportunities, bringing together the right team and creating successful, sustainable companies. Her interest is in true innovation – ideas, technologies, business models- that have made quantum shifts in the status quo. The combination of her passions, interests, experience and hard work led her to the creation of Q5 - a product innovation and development engine which sources and develops technology-focused intellectual property (IP) assets that have a defined market need. The Q5 business model, which is built on fostering innovative technology products reaching end user communities through commercialization, had been percolating for Sage over the past six or so years where she recognized both the importance for businesses to keep their eye to future product development (the theoretical 5th Quarter) and the challenge most businesses have to do so because of the operational focus on achieving quarterly financial targets.


Kurtis McBride, CEO and Co-founder, Miovision Technologies Inc.
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Kurtis is a true entrepreneur and visionary, founding Miovision in 2005 while he was still attending the University of Waterloo, where he holds an Undergraduate and Master's Degree in Systems Design Engineering. Miovision was the first graduate of the prestigious Accelerator Centre in Waterloo, Ontario, a centre that helps start-up companies commercialize their R&D technologies. In many ways, Miovision (and Kurtis) guided the early development of the Accelerator Centre's programs for future companies. In just six years, Kurtis has led Miovision from those first days in the Accelerator Centre to an international company that has over 350 customers in 26 countries, spanning five continents (with 8.6% of the market share in North America for the market it serves). The company's growth rate has been immense, from 3 employees in 2005 to 83 employees today. In 2011 alone the employee growth rate was 68%, and the company plans to grow by another 50% this fiscal year. Miovision also has an office in Cologne, Germany (with 8 employees). Miovision has a low turnover rate due to the vision, culture and leadership style that Kurtis has fostered; employees believe in the product, and believe strongly in Kurtis


Ronald Richardson – Co-founder and VP Sales, Benbria Inc.
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Ronald Richardson is the co-founder and VP Sales of Benbria Corporation, an intelligent notification software company founded in 2007. At Benbria, Ronald manages an international sales team with a quickly expanding and worldwide customer base. Ronald has contributed to all aspects of the business through Benbria's growth, from software implementation to external venture-backed corporate financing rounds. With a rich career history covering finance, platform technology, and software start-ups, Ronald has held positions at Barclays Capital in Strategic Modeling and Rates Trading, Intel in Design Engineering, and SlipStream Data (acquired by RIM) in Software Architecture. Ronald has established a solid track record in building teams, revenue generation, and bringing industry-leading software products to market. Ronald holds a B.S.E. (Bachelors of Software Engineering, with Distinction) from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.


Quebec Media Award

The Quebec Media Award was first initiated by CATAAlliance Quebec Regional Director, Huguette Guilhaumon, as an additional media award recognizing excellence in French science and technology reporting. Quebec has a dynamic and strong culture in science and technology reporting. This award acknowledges the quality of journalism in Quebec.



Alain McKenna - La Presse

Alain McKenna est journaliste, blogueur et auteur depuis qu'il a quitté l'université quelque part à la fin des années 1990. Au fil des ans, il a su transformer ses intérêts personnels dans les champs scientifiques et technologiques en intérêts professionnels. Vulgarisateur hors pair, il écrit sur les sujets qu'il aime, pour des publications comme La Presse, l'hebdomadaire Les Affaires, Sympatico.ca de Bell en plus de collaborer à différentes émissions de la télé québécoise comme M. Net et Ça s'branche où?. C'est la troisième fois qu'il est en nomination pour ce prix, l'ayant emporté une première fois en 2010.


Jean-François Codère – Les Affaires

Jean-François Codère est journaliste et blogueur spécialisé en technologie pour LesAffaires.com. Il suit les entreprises et les produits technologiques, pour le compte de diverses publications Web, imprimées et télévisées. Il s'intéresse particulièrement aux stratégies des entreprises et à l'innovation, la vraie, celle qui est accessible à tous, qui fait écarquiller les yeux et qui, petit à petit, change le monde.

Au cours des 13 dernières années, on a pu lire ses articles dans Multimédium, Le Journal de Montréal, RueFrontenac.com, Canoe et Protégez-Vo us, ou encore écouter ses interventions dans les émissions M.Net (Musique Plus), le Show du Matin (V) et Dumont (V).


Denis Talbot – M. Net, Musique Plus

Denis anime M. NET de main de maître depuis ses débuts, en novembre 1998. Les Aventures du Grand Talbot derrière lui, il explore le monde du numérique sous toutes ses formes. Grand amateur de jeux vidéo, il en a critiqué pas moins de 400 en onde, sans compter les logiciels testés, le matériel essayé et évalué. Son expérience dans le domaine en fait une référence doublée d'un critique respecté. Denis Talbot est l'animateur de M.Net, une émission de télévision québécoise diffusée en direct du mardi au vendredi à 19h30 sur les ondes de MusiquePlus depuis novembre 1998. L’émission a comme sujet l’informatique et plus précisément les jeux vidéo, les logiciels et les gadgets se reliant au monde de l'informatique, qui y sont critiqués par l'animateur et les chroniqueurs.


Excellence in Science and Technology Reporting

The High Road Communications Science and Technology Reporting Award is presented to a journalist or writer raising the public profile of science and technology and contributing to the building of a science and technology culture in Canada.



Michael Geist – Columnist, Toronto Star and Ottawa Citizen

Dr. Michael Geist is a law professor at the University of Ottawa where he holds the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law. He has obtained a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree from Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, Master of Laws (LL.M.) degrees from Cambridge University in the UK and Columbia Law School in New York, and a Doctorate in Law (J.S.D.) from Columbia Law School. Dr. Geist is an internationally syndicated columnist on technology law issues with his regular column appearing in the Toronto Star and the Ottawa Citizen. Dr. Geist is the editor of From "Radical Extremism" to "Balanced Copyright": Canadian Copyright and the Digital Agenda (2010) and In the Public Interest: The Future of Canadian Copyright Law (2005), both published by Irwin Law, the editor of several monthly technology law publications, and the author of a popular blog on Internet and intellectual property law issues.


Vito Pilieci – Reporter, Ottawa Citizen

Vito Pilieci has been a technology reporter covering the Canadian landscape for over a decade. His career started out at the National Post in Toronto and has led him to his current position as a business and technology reporter with the Ottawa Citizen, another major market Canadian daily. Over the past 11 years, Vito has covered the rise of groundbreaking technologies including YouTube (his articles on the service saw him nominated for business reporter of the year in 2007) as well as the boom and bust of Ottawa's technology economy. He has interviewed executives of top technology companies including Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Steve Wozniak, Donald Trump and many others. He has also developed extensive contacts within Canadian government departments and agencies.


Jamie Sturgeon – Reporter, National Post

Jamie Sturgeon currently covers the Canadian telecommunications sector and related media, including broadcasting/new media businesses owned by the country's vertically integrated service providers. Jamie received his formal education from both Queen's University and Humber College.


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