November 11, 2015
100 Tech Leaders will launch a Standing Council to create a competitive Innovation Nation Roadmap, lead required advocacy and expand global information sharing for business growth & job creation

December 10, 2014
Executives interested in Cyber Security should now confirm interest in the Future of Public Alerting Summit (February 17-18, 2015, Edmonton, Alberta)

November 30, 2014
CATAAlliance National Leadership Council (CNLC): Call for Nominations & Expressions of Interest to advance Canada's Competitive Innovation Nation

November 28, 2014
No Tech Firm Left Behind: Through various programs, the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance helps the nation’s innovators stay on the cutting edge in real time: Stephanie Vozza at Advantage Magazine

November 29, 2014
Call for the adoption of new “May to Must” cloud computing policy in Canada (updateable briefing note)

November 27, 2014
CATAAlliance and The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) to conduct labour market study looking at cyber security resource requirements: Call for expressions of interest

November 25, 2014
Future of Public Alerting in Canada: Cyber Security Leadership: Add your views

November 24, 2014
Report by Paul Daniel Muller -- review of the SR&ED Program for the Minister of Revenue: Unredacted version released by the Dept of Finance under Access to Information: CATAAlliance

November 24, 2014
TechNOW with Sarah Sajedi, CEO & Director of R&D, ERA Environmental Management Solutions: Role Model for Women in Tech & Why Mentorship Matters

November 23, 2014
CATAAlliance News Pulse, 23 Nov. Edition: View now, engage and then mobilize your social networks

November 21, 2014
Open and Equal access for a 21st Century Internet: the trumpet sounds the start of battle:Posted by Tiimothy Denton in Industry News: Add your views.

November 20, 2014
May to Must Cloud Computing with Anil Karmel, CEO, C2 Labs & Co-Chair, NIST Cloud Security Working Group: TechNOW

November 19, 2014
Mobile Health Care Innovation: TechNOW interview, David Farnes, CATA, Health Care Champion: Engage with us to advance the mission

November 18, 2014
TechNOW with John Proctor, Cyber Security, VP, CGI: Reputational risk: What are your views?

November 17, 2014
NavPoint Consulting Group Inc. joins CATAAlliance: Advancing Canada's competitive innovation nation