++ Action Item: If you are interested in more information about how CATAResearch and Surveys can assist your enterprise,  please take a few minutes to review CATA Research Services and our Research Advantage and then contact Kevin Wennekes, Chief Business Officer, at kwennekes@cata.ca .

Since 1977, CATAAlliance has focused on the provision of business services and government relations programs that conserve and leverage member resources. Because members are action-oriented, CATAAlliance responds with action when members need specific services or activities.

In today's knowledge-based economy, the need for hard and often instant information is critical to maintaining an organization's competitive edge and CATAAlliance has been a regular conduit for industry and consumer research that directly impacts on our members' everyday business challenges.

CATAResearch Division

CATAResearch was created in response to requests by individual companies and syndicates of companies to access CATA's survey and research tools. Similar to CATA's work in advancing industry-wide business growth, supported by timely research, companies are seeking to advance their business agendas through professional research.

-- Our Mission

CATAResearch's mission is to provide CATAAlliance members and stakeholders original, timely and unique information that helps them to make more informed, fact-based decisions in order to optimize and grow their businesses.

-- Our Goal

CATA Research seeks to facilitate research by providing opportunities for collaboration, supporting individual or syndicated research projects, and assisting with the sponsorship and staging of research forums of various types.