CATAResearch can help you conduct a range of research services, including:

  • Online polls - quick branding, quick answers, and quick gauges of public perception on an issue or event

  • Surveys - using a range of survey approaches and types on any number of topics:

    Survey Approaches
    • Online/web based
    • Telephone - person-led & automated
    • Pen & Paper
    • e-Forms
    • Exit polls
    • Mall intercepts
    • Focus groups
    • Case study
    • Live event capture

    Survey Types
    • Consumer
    • Labour/Industry Market Information
    • Employee/Stakeholder
    • Product/Service Evaluation
    • Market Readiness
    • Organizational/performance assessments
  • Short and Long-term Studies - for the delivery of a one-time strategic research initiative or as your partner in the delivery of long-term research solutions. We can offer:

    • Cross-Sectional Surveys - used to gather information on a population at a single point in time

    • Longitudinal Surveys - gathers data over a period of time to analyze changes in the population and attempt to describe and/or explain them. CATAResearch can provide three main types of longitudinal surveys:

      1. Trend Studies
        Focus on a particular population (not always of the same people), which is sampled and scrutinized repeatedly.

      2. Cohort Studies
        Focus on a particular population (from the same group but not always the same people), sampled and studied more than once.

      3. Panel Studies
        Allow a researcher to find out why changes in the population are occurring as they use the same sample of people (a panel) every time.

  • In summary, the research projects CATAResearch can deliver are practically limitless given our available methodologies and the numerous Advantages your research project gains by partnering with us.