Formed in 1981, the Society of Collaborative Opportunities and Advancement of Professionals (SCOAP, operating as a Division of CATAAlliance) is a community of private and public sector enterprises and individuals who aspire to learn about and apply advanced knowledge management concepts, and standards.

Members share a common interest in advancing Canada's Innovation Agenda through forging strong public sector/private sector partnerships.

SCOAP membership comprises public and private sector executives (e.g., senior managers, technologists, accountants, economists) who are engaged in understanding and improving the management of knowledge, intellectual capital, intangible assets and innovation strategies within their organizations.

In creating SCOAP, the main aims were to:

  • develop and share information on standards and governance which enable people, groups and organizations to effectively manage and use information and technology

  • create a peer group to share first hand updates on the trends and evolution of information technology strategies, practices, applications and implementations

  • celebrate innovation through participation in and adjudication of national Awards programs (e.g., GTEC, OCRI, NRC, and CATA)

  • offer a program of professional development and educational seminars to the membership at discounted registration fees

  • instill a vendor's perspective and influence on industry and government directions

  • promote the advancement of Canada's position as an international leader in the information age economy

SCOAP leverages the resources and networks of  CATAAlliance, the industry's largest high tech trade association, in order to accelerate the fit and development times between user needs and product specifications. 

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