CATA Mobile Health Roundtable
Tuesday April 29, 2014

In September 2013 CATAAlliance launched a Canadian Mobile Health Advisory Board (MHAB), which has a mission to identify barriers, obstacles, opportunities and enablers impacting the use of mobile technology in the delivery of health care; and to develop strategies to drive adoption of mobile technology through collaborative work with public and private sector partners. Mobile Health can be broadly defined as the practice of medicine, inclusive of health, wellness and care, supported by mobile devices.

Scheduled for April 29, in Ottawa, the Mobile Health Roundtable will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to validate CATA’s assessment of the mobile health technology dimension of the health care agenda in Canada. The goal for the day is to create a broader support network and also a broader group who are willing to work with CATA on removing barriers and creating the enablers. One possible outcome from the Roundtable is the identification of other stakeholders who are interested and willing to further the work on the priority issues that have been established.

Attendees from the following sectors will not only benefit from the discussion, they will also be encouraged to engage in the dialogue and contribute to a critical assessment of use of mobile solutions in the health and wellness sector. In particular, the roundtable will benefit from participation from:

  • Governments - federal and provincial - regulations, funding applied research, putting investments into mobile health, facilitating fee schedule changes to support mobile health by providers
  • Health Professionals - physicians, pharmacists, nurses - how to leverage mobile technologies to improve clinical care
  • Executive Health Administrators - drive adoption through their organizational digital strategies
  • Academics - applied research focused on identifying how best to use mobile health to drive out better care outcomes and cost efficiencies
  • Private sector - identify what is the art of the possible with current technology and what is on the next three year horizon that can be integrated into care process
  • Media - writing stories on these new opportunities to help spread the message
  • Public interest groups - representing the public and promoting the value of more activity in this arena

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