Welcome to the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance’s public safety and security community site, dedicated to providing a central repository of knowledge and resources for those seeking to learn more about the technology challenges and opportunities facing Canada’s public safety providers, including first responders, emergency management offices, public safety agencies, hospitals, port and border services, utilities, and many others who play a crucial role in keeping Canada safe.

This portal has been created as a result of CATAAlliance’s Bridging the Gap campaign, dedicated to creating stronger links between Canada’s public safety community and the vendors who wish to serve them.

Within these pages, you will find information on our Public Safety Advisory Board, relevant research, video interviews with key public safety leaders, relevant themed events, and links to the web sites of key public safety agencies and partners.

Contributions to this site in the form of freely available research, event notices, partner requests, and participation to our many social media networks are always welcome and you are encouraged to contact CATA to discuss how to best become involved.


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