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Maya Alieh
Detective Sergeant, Montreal Police Investigative Support Division, Cybercrime Unit

Maya Alieh just completed 16 years in the Montreal Police Department (MPD). Starting as a patrolman for a couple of years, she has also worked as an undercover agent, a vice squad investigator and has made her way to the High Tech Crime Unit more than 6 years ago.

Having found her niche while realizing the rapid evolution of technology and the difficulties law enforcement are presently facing, Detective Alieh, along with her colleague, proceeded to put in place training sessions for all investigators regarding cybercrime and forensic evidence capturing.

Her work in cybercrime and up-to-date knowledge allowed her to become an expert witness when testifying in criminal cases as well as a mentor for general investigation around her police department.

In 2015, she was tasked to lead a team intended to provide new policy on internet and social media use for all police and civilian members of the MPD. Two years later, she is ready to lead the newly created cybercrime team and will be in charge of providing full training for all Detective-Sergeants in the organization.

Detective Alieh has completed the Pilgrim Online Course within the Cyber Intelligence Master's degree and is working on her Bachelor's degree in public security specializing in investigation and cybercrime.

Aside from being involved within her department, Maya Alieh is an active member of several National committees and working groups regarding online undercover work, cyber infiltration and cyber security. She is also in charge of the cyber infiltration training given by the National Police Academy to newly appointed undercover agents in the Province of Quebec.

In her spare time, she is also a speaker on cybercrime and has now given over a dozen conferences on the matter.

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