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Dan McArthur
Senior Strategist - Bruce Power

Dan McArthur has over 30 years of experience in the Nuclear Industry in the areas of Emergency Management, Radiation Protection, Training, Communications, Health, Safety and the Environment. For the last number of years Dan has held the role of Department Manager providing management and oversight of Emergency Preparedness, Fire Protection and Security Programs at Bruce Power. In addition to being responsible for the implementation of full-scale Emergency Preparedness programmatic change and enhancement, Dan has been responsible for the development and execution of Corporate Exercises which also includes the evaluation of Huron Challenge IV at Bruce Power, a 2012 provincial emergency response exercise with over 60 agencies participating.

Now, as Senior Strategist, Dan focuses on Regulatory and Government Affairs pertaining to Emergency Management Policy for Bruce Power. He maintains and leads Emergency Preparedness Projects and has recently worked to enhance Public Alerting in the region resulting in a successful first-in-Canada Cellular Location Based SMS Text Public Alert demonstration conducted in November 2014. Other notable projects Dan has recently been responsible for include the development and implementation of a world class multi-million dollar remote monitoring system to provide real-time radiological monitoring data to response centers, and the development of a first in Canada Nuclear Emergency Response Dashboard to share near real-time plant technical and emergency response data with external agencies. More recently Dan has worked to support the development of an approved 2-year Canadian Safety and Security Program (CSSP) funded study to support enhancement to Rural Interoperability in Canada.

Dan is a speaker on Emergency Management in the Nuclear Industry and is the Emergency Preparedness Technical Chairperson for the Canadian Nuclear Society 2017 International Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness Conference. He maintains active membership in the Conference Board of Canada Council on Emergency Management along with the Canadian Standards Association providing technical input and guidance on Emergency Preparedness requirements for Nuclear Power Plants in Canada.

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