Public Safety

PSAB Priorities

These initiatives have been identified by the PSAB as our core priorities for 2014. We are actively seeking volunteers to join subcommittee meetings towards advancing these initiatives. Please contact Kevin Wennekes for details and to indicate your interest in participating.

Public Safety Broadband Network – An Economic Engine

Continued support to the public safety community’s advancement of the 700 Mhz Broadband network and demonstration of its economic impact to Canada.

Networks of Centres of Excellence - Community and Public Safety

Spearhead the development of an extended consortium of partners focused on developing new models of community and public safety by generating ground-breaking ideas for new technologies and critical knowledge to serve Canada’s public safety needs.

Public Safety Buyers Portal – Reducing Complexities/Costs of Public Safety Procurement

In light of today’s economic realities, this Portal seeks to optimize public safety procurement for long-term sustainability. The Public Safety Buyers Portal (PSBP) is anticipated to save Canadian public safety agencies time and money researching, evaluating, and procuring equipment and technologies.

A recent proposal to the Canadian Safety and Security Program was invited to Stage 2 and is currently under final evaluation, with a result pending in early 2014.

Public Safety Buyers Portal:

Original Research – Technology and Trends

Identified two critical research initiatives to advance: 1) the Tri-service Technology Capability Assessment (TTCA); and, 2) a First Responder Technology Roadmap (FR-TRM).

Based on extensive consultation already undertaken among the First Responder community which identified over 100 various technologies used in the line of duty, the TTCA study will survey first responders on their use, adoption, and satisfaction of these mission critical technologies.

The FR-TRM will involve a national multi-stakeholder consultation that will include recommendations for the necessary technology procurement with the training required to help this industry meet the public safety needs of all Canadians today and for the foreseeable future. To accomplish our main objective we will need to identify key knowledge gaps related to the use of technology among First Responders and prioritise key technology requirements for the efficient and effective progression of the Canada’s public safety and security sector.

Future Leaders in Public Safety Retreat

A multi-day workshop that will recognize high-performing, up-and-coming leaders within the public safety community and provide them with career development and advancement guidance, and insights into tools, technologies, and leadership best practices that will help them as they assume greater leadership roles within their organizations.

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