2003 CATAAlliance Innovation and Leadership Awards

Ottawa, May 2, 2003 -- An audience of 500 executives gathered Tuesday evening, April 29th, to hear Mayors from across Canada present the federal government with "Canada's Advanced Technology Business Plan". The gala evening, marking the 25th anniversary of the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA), celebrated the best achievements in technology over the past year.

At the event mayors from St. John's Newfoundland to Vancouver British Columbia presented an in-depth strategy to jump-start innovation in Canada. The "champions of urban growth" outlined specific actions to grow the use of high technology in each of their communities in the coming years. The summary Business Plan is the result of a series of ten TechAction Town Hall meetings that were held across Canada from September 2001 - March 2003.

"The Mayors have endorsed a set of tangible actions that can reinvigorate high tech development in Canada," said John Reid, President of the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance. "We presented the Plan to Science Minister Rey Pagtakhan to help the Government shape Canada's federal programs and Innovation Strategy. We are planning to link the TechAction Mayors in specific programs with the federal government in the coming months. We would like to thank all the Mayors for participating in TechAction Town Hall."

The winners of the 2003 CATAAlliance Innovation and Leadership Awards were also announced at the gala. The nominees are short-listed by the CATAAlliance Board of Directors and the winners are selected by polling the CATAAlliance membership across Canada. The 2003 winners in the following categories are:

Private Sector Leadership

The CATAAlliance Award for Private Sector Leadership is presented to an individual from the private sector in recognition of outstanding technological innovation and corporate leadership which has significantly expanded the frontiers of Canada's advanced technology industry.

Lionel P. Hurtubise became President and CEO of Ericsson Canada Inc. in 1986 and was appointed Chairman on July 1, 1994. Mr. Hurtubise holds a number of positions in national and regional institutions dedicated to high technology. In 1999, he received an Honorary Doctorate from Ryerson Polytechnic University and was honored by the Canadian Technion Society for his contribution to the promotion of telecommunications in Canada. In June 2001 he received an Honorary Doctorate of Laws from Concordia University.

Public Sector Leadership

The CATAAlliance Award for Public Sector Leadership is given to an individual from the public sector in recognition of their significant contribution to the development and application of advanced technology in Canada.

Dr. Binder is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Federal Government's "Connectedness Agenda" that commits to connecting all Canadians to an accessible and affordable high speed information highway, and for the promotion of growth & international competitiveness of the Information and Communication Technologies industries.

Excellence in Science and Technology Reporting

Awarded to a journalist or writer raising the public profile of science and technology and contributing to the building of a science and technology culture in Canada.

David Akin is among the first of a new generation of reporters, working simultaneously in print and television. He holds concurrent assignments as National Business and Technology Correspondent for CTV News and is a Contributing Writer for The Globe and Mail. Prior to this assignment, Mr. Akin was a member of the inaugural staff of the National Post where he was a senior technology reporter.

Outstanding Product Achievement

This award is given to recognize the production of a world-class product or suite of products that has proven itself in the market.

SourceCAN is an e-marketplace developed by Industry Canada that works towards fulfilling the mandate of the Innovation and Connectedness Strategy for the Canadian populous. The idea and development of SourceCAN came out of three distinct challenges facing both the government and the Canadian business community: low visibility of Canadian goods and services to foreign bodies; low access to and awareness of both domestic and foreign business opportunities; and low adoption of tools that promote globalization.

Emerging Technology

The CATAAlliance Award for Emerging Technology goes to a company that recently introduced an innovative new product having significant market potential.

IIU Telehealth Network (Ikajuruti Inungnik Ungasiktumi, which translated from Inuktitut means, "a tool to help people that are far away") allows for 'real time' transmissions (audio/visual/data) among 15 isolated Nunavut communities and provides key communication linkages to healthcare service providers outside of the Territory. The creation of the IIU Network has enabled the establishment of a comprehensive Telehealth Program, which supports the delivery of primary and secondary healthcare and related social services.

Best Web Tool of the Year

This award is given in recognition of support of the CATA mission. The partnership of Maestro CMS' leading software and MONTAGE.DMC's expertise in eBusiness solutions and integration allows organizations the ability to easily  manage their online communications, without the associated large-scale investment in technical expertise and infrastructure. The new CATA web site will be a demonstration of the power of their solution for digital content management.