Are you Ready for the China Marketplace? Get the Guide to the World's No 1 Attractor of Foreign Capital
January 05, 2004

Ottawa January 5, 2004... The competitive threats and opportunities of the China marketplace must be faced by Canadian businesses. Are you prepared to respond?

2002 saw China's actual use of foreign capital amounting to U.S. 52.743 billion, making it No. 1 in the world in attracting foreign capital. It is the first time China is surpassing that of the U.S. Have you analyzed the China marketplace?

CATA has had a multidisciplinary team from University of Quebec (UQO) create a comprehensive 94 page Guide to Business Development In China focused on examining the practical modalities of interaction between Canadian high tech enterprises and the China market.

If your organization plans to market to, or needs information on, this fast growth market, the CATA Guide could be your "success map".

The Guide covers nine key business areas:

A General Introduction to China: Find information of growth rates, tax and labour rates, and government interference, including a special section of China's Three High-Tech Centres

Foreign Business Structures in China: Covers the laws and regulations for Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises and Joint Ventures.

Export: Find out why you should export, regulatory environments, means of payment, transport and customs.

Market Analysis: Establish the attractiveness of the market, special incentives for key industries, major trade fairs and useful contacts.

Human Resources: Explore the attraction, retention and training of skilled employees.

Taxation: Get insight into preferred tax policies, strategies to reduce corporate tax and gain exceptions.

Financing: Find out about foreign investment policies, financial institutions in China, Government agencies and international issues.

Intellectual Property: Understand intellectual property rights, trademarks, patents, copyrights and how to protect your IP.

Business Culture: A tour of Confucian values, Guanxi, business etiquette and negotiations.

Get the Guide to Business Development in China today - a comprehensive 94 page document, written to respond to CATA's needs analysis Survey of 144 companies doing business in or planning to expand in China. The Guide contains dozens of useful links and extensive references for further research and analysis.

This offer provides these benefits, which have a value of thousands of dollars, for only $195 plus taxes. If you are a member of CATA, the Guide is yours for $95 plus taxes.

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