Call for Expressions of Interest in launching a Private Concierge Medical/Wellness Center in Canada
January 30, 2011

  • Private Medical Center implementation  
  • For private sector enterprises with more than 5000 employees
  • Enhance benefits, cost control & improve employee attraction & retention
  • Respond Today

Contact: CATAAlliance
Phone: (613) 236-6550


Call to Action:
Confirm your interest in a Private Medical Center by email to John Reid

Ottawa, Canada, 2011... As part of a Medical, Financial, Architect and Specialty team, CATAAlliance wishes to identify Canadian organizations with an interest in participating in the launch of a Private Concierge Medical/Wellness Center. Currently, two Centers are planned in Canada for 2011.

Your company has an opportunity of being one of the first such Private Concierge Medical and Wellness Centers’ leading to an ‘elite’ attraction and retention of your employees

A Value- Based Health Care Delivery System:

Each Center will house family physicians that will take responsibility as Advocates to help enhance the health of all members. The Center’s Medical Director will also enter into contractual relationships with medical specialists to practice their specialty at the center on a scheduled “needs” analysis. This should greatly reduce long waiting periods.

Medical professionals working as an integrated team is critical to controlling short-term and long-term claims costs. For each benefit contained in the health care program, claims costs can be mitigated under this unique private and proprietary model.

As an example, in Ontario for prescription drugs under this new Model can save a plan sponsor $5.0M for every 5000 employees.  Research shows significant value-based savings for each and every benefit including dental, optical, pharmacy, paramedical and disability.

Such a value-based medical delivery system is unique, when compared to the more traditional insurance company health care contract. The  intent is to eliminate from the current benefit program profit margins and insurance company expense retentions, in addition to all profit margins currently paid to health care providers now incorporated within all billing and sales transactions.

By eliminating these costly expense factors, saved money can be deployed to better control health care costs in the future thus providing better value-based health care solutions for all the Medical Center’s members.

Expected Benefits:

Such a visionary and innovative approach will result in a wide range of benefits, such as: 

1.       No more costly and unnecessary insurance companies for the delivery of your health and dental benefits
2.       Significant cost reductions and containment with no loss of benefits and improved services
3.       New revenue for your corporation and employees with sharing in all financial surpluses
4.       The building of a new Private Concierge Medical and Wellness Centre for your company and employees, at your current location or within walking distance from your current location.

Next Steps:

  • Please review the above communiqué and confirm your interest. Note that each Center requires a minimum of 5000 corporate employees.

  • The Design & Implementation team will coordinate internally to make sure that each selected Canadian company is able to meet with the appropriate expert to respond to any questions and for additional briefing. Follow-up could take several forms including teleconference, videoconferences and a one on one site visits.

  • All expressions of interest must be submitted as soon as possible  by email to John Reid at

Attention:  companies with health care technologies & services, our team will also provide a special Conference Call briefing to all Supply Chain candidates. Please email John Reid, at with Medical Center Supply Chain in the subject line.