Shared Services Canada Forum Update from the Desk of its Chair, Kevin d'Entremont: Enable the Emerging Workforce New Video from next generation leader
January 9, 2012

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Dear SSC Forum members 

Of the three videos produced so far for the Enable the Emerging Workforce - Crises in Canadian Government Roundtable (Feb. 9th in Ottawa) this is perhaps the most compelling. 

You can now view at this URL: 

Obviously a very smart young woman who has taken time to think. You will see that she can't stop plugging her ideas. Some marketing talents here! 

One of the purposes of releasing these videos is to engage us in conversation about a key subject: how can we attract and keep talent in today’s and tomorrow’s public service? 

One thought and to begin the conversation. The government is already doing 99% of what she recommends. The challenge is that government is huge. With 45+ departments and 300,000+ employees, the problem is the disconnection between the various mandates. We believe the government sincerely understands that this disconnection exists. 

If we can find a way to get the dialogue past "you should be on twitter" to a discussion about what are the motivations young men and women have to "serve" in some capacity, we can have a productive discussion around how to use the tools to capture the minds and hearts of youth. 

This young woman would make an ideal candidate for the public service but she did not mention even once what would motivate her to join. Access to information is there. We have to get people to want to look for it. 

Hope this makes some sense. Now please add your thoughts and guidance. 

Kevin d'Entremont 
Chair, SSC Forum & CATAAlliance Director 
John Reid, CEO, CATAAlliance

And the conversation begins, see below:

Hi Kevin and John - great video and as you mention Govt is already doing much of this. This is what PS Renewal was doing and University recruiting met PS targets. Now the PS will be rightsizing and I expect Depts will have to manage to their budgets to include WFA. Then WFA will reassign many PS staff across Depts. 

It does not seem to me that Govt will be doing much recruiting. 

Given this topic is under SSC forum, I assume the focus is on tech students recruiting in particular. 

There are no "product development" or "tech management" streams in the PS like the private sector where you hire university students in junior roles and groom them for innovation or managment roles. University students are not generally interested in careers as LAN admin or help desk support which is the type of role the PS SSC has to offer. Consequently, Govt CS recruiting has been predominantly from the Technical Colleges rather than University. The application roles, in Depts, not SSC, are of more interest to University students. Indeed, a large % of University tech students are in the video gaming design fields, and Govt is not doing any of this!

As we do not know what Industry/PS Labour balance is the goal, it is hard to know what tech university student recruiting targets will be. Indeed, SSC has a major role in determining what IT infrastructure is better done by Industry, not only in terms of capacity, but in terms of fostering Canadian Innovation to grow worldwide.

All that to say, is that it is far from clear wht the PS University recruiting goals should be right now. 
Posted by Steve Poole