2012 - Technology Trends and Forecast Webinar
January 10, 2012

Join leaders from Google, IBM, Salesforce, RIM, Concur and others for their annual predictions for software, IT and related tech.  What are the trends in SaaS, Mobile, Social, Cloud, and Gaming that will affect you?  With complete valuation metrics and predictions for all 26 market sectors. Plus, fresh from CNBC's Power Lunch, Corum's  "2012 -- Deals To Watch For." Don't miss it.

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Who were the top buyers in 2011?  Who will be in 2012?  More importantly, what will they buy and why? How can you get your firm on their radar?  And why will a record number of baby boomers sell their tech company in 2012? Join us at this CATAAlliance partnered event for the world's largest annual Tech M&A Review and Predictions -- 90 minutes -- January 12 at 1 PM (NY Time).

Register at http://www.corumgroup.com/webinar-registration.aspx?txt2


Forecast 2012 industry luminary panel:


- Dan Shapiro, Google -- Social Domination

- Chris Bray, IBM -- The Year Ahead

- T.A. McCann, RIM -- Revolution in Mobile

- Peter Coffee, Salesforce -- Cloud Strategies

- Steve Singh, CEO, Concur -- SaaS in 2012 

- Reese Jones -- the Berkeley Lab Sage – live from CES

- John Heyman, Actuate Partners -- "Selling for a Billion"

- Brad Feld, Foundry Group -- 2012 VC strategies


Plus many more speakers from around the world on trends and predictions that will affect your tech company. Don't miss it.  Register for Forecast 2012 on January 12 at 1 PM (NY Time) -- http://www.corumgroup.com/webinar-registration.aspx?txt2