Digital Leadership for the 21st Century: ICTC Leader Speaks Out
January 25, 2013

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Dear members

We called on CATA’s National Leadership Council to bring forward ideas under the theme of Leadership for the 21st Century, our theme for 2013.

Namir Anani, CEO of ICTC and CATA Council member provided a compelling four minute video on Digital Leadership for Canada: the Apps industry. Note that you can download a complimentary research report on this subject which provides facts and figures.

Please go to this URL to view the four minute video: 

Descriptive text is found below the video, including the link to the research paper.

If you have ideas on emerging, high potential sectors for Canada’s Competitive Innovation Nation, then let us know and we can work together to start the conversations.

Thanks for your continued support.

John Reid, CATA CEO 
Posted By John Reid