SR&ED Advisory: CRA Policy Consolidation: Russ Roberts, Senior VP Tax, Finance and Advocacy, CATAAlliance Offers Perspectives
February 6, 2013

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Please take five minutes to view the video of CATA’s Sr. VP, Tax, Finance & Advocacy, Russ Roberts, who was interviewed by CATA CEO, John Reid, on changes to the SR&ED program that will potentially affect your access to these valued tax credits. 

Viewers are also encouraged to review CATA’s latest SR&ED Advisory, now available on-line. Many of the themes treated by Dr. Roberts are explained in more detail in the Advisory.

Dr. Roberts begins the interview by providing some history to the evolution of the SR&ED program and then focuses on several key issues; namely, policy consolidation, the appeals process, and pre-claim review.

He then turns to comparing Canada’s SR&ED regime to what is happening in other jurisdictions.

In concluding, Dr. Roberts offers some practical advice on the utilization of the SR&ED program.

Russ Roberts, CATA's Sr. VP Advocacy talks about the SR&ED program.
Russ Roberts, CATA's Sr. VP, Tax, Finance and Advocacy spoke changes to Canada's SR&ED program in an a recent CATAnet TV video interview.

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Please review CATA's SR&ED Advisory: CRA Policy Consolidation and then join with your peers in providing comments and guidance at CATA's moderated SR&ED, Tax & Finance Forum (870 members) on linkedin. You can join at this URL:

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