New Report on Canadian IT Security Professional Perspectives on Organizational Challenges Now Available
February 07, 2008

Of special interest to organizations seeking best practice security measure adoption and ranking of security priorities and risks.

February 14, 2008

The Report provides a comprehensive review of the findings of a survey of over 300 Canadian executive and frontline IT security professionals on their every day security challenges, use and trust of information sources, and the career advantages that an IT skill set provides them.

It also identifies: the relative impact of a dozen known IT security challenges – with results demonstrating the difference in priorities between those in varying roles/titles; the daily demands on time in managing IT Security needs and predictions on future impact; information Sources – views on the general and trade media, colleagues, vendors, online communities; perspectives on Canada as a Global IT Security Leader – current status, key strengths, challenges, opportunities; and, critical Messages for Canadians – providing IT security professionals a soap box on which to stand: Who do they want to speak to; What do they want to say?

++ Action Item: To receive a copy of the resulting 32 page Report entitled “Canadian IT Security Professional Perspecitves” send an email to CATA’s President, John Reid, with IT Security in the Header. CATAAlliance members, pricing ($65), non members ($695).


The Research project was conducted in a collaborative effort between Microsoft Canada, High Road Communications, and CATAAlliance in support of National IT Security Week initiatives. Organizations interested in conducting research and/or Surveys in partnership with CATAAlliance should email