Providing Industry A Voice On Procurement Reform
February 09, 2006

For fourteen months, CATAAlliance has led a VendorACT Campaign, an outreach program mobilizing research and advocacy resources to ensure that industry views are fully reflected in the federal government's approaches to increase efficiency in delivering IT services and infrastructure to government departments.

With the encouragement and support of Public Works and Government Services Canada, CATAAlliance is surveying industry and government decision makers to understand and quantify the impact of procurement processes and reforms to date on Canadian companies, and obtain additional recommendations on where improvements are needed.

The results of this report and other consultation initiatives will be shared with newly elected Ministerial staff in an attempt to provide them with 'grassroots' feedback identifying the most appropriate Way Forward.

In order to relay your individual voice and allow CATAAlliance to successfully and with conviction advocate on Industry's needs, it is critical that your organization respond to the survey as these results will serve as the underpinning for the continuation of our VendorACT Campaign.

Please use the link below to respond to the survey. A copy of the final report will be provided to each person who fully responds to the survey.

For information on reforms CATAAlliance has already advocated for, please review the following:

For information on other advances being made by CATAAlliance on this issue, please contact Joanne Stanley at or by calling (613) 236-6550.