Canada Slipping in e-Business Use: Canadian Chamber of Commerce releases report on small business use of e-business solutions
February 9, 2010

CATA poll membership poll contributes to Report

Ottawa, February 9, 2010: Today, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce released a report on how successful e-business solutions have been in getting the attention of small businesses in Canada. Members of the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) were also polled for the report.

According to the Chamber, Powering Up the Network: A Report on Small Business Use of E-Business Solutions in Canada benchmarks Canada's current progress in information and communications technology (ICT) and e-commerce adoption among small businesses. Over 900 businesses from across Canada responded to the survey that determined how businesses were using the internet, what business-to-business transactions were taking place, and how small businesses protect their networks. This report builds on the recommendations outlined in a June 2009 Canadian Chamber report entitled: Mapping the Future of the Digital Economy: Key to Canada's Economic Success.

"The Report provides concrete recommendations for government and business to work hand-in-hand to get Canada back on top," said CATA President John Reid. "It confirms our "Innovation Nation" platform to drive Canada to the number one spot in e-business use."

"Many small businesses are using the internet and have a website, but not enough are taking advantage of business-to-business solutions", says Perrin Beatty, President and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. One of the key recommendations in the report is for the government to create a National ICT Strategy. "The Canadian Chamber has called on the government to set up this strategy and a council of stakeholders for many years," Beatty continued. "We were a world leader in e-commerce and ICT adoption, but we've slipped and need get back on track. Other countries continue to invest and make ICT a priority - it's a fact that investments in ICT can be a significant driver of productivity".

The report also points to successful international best practices for small businesses in e-business solutions.

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