CATAAlliance Partners With ProcureInsights to Launch Supply Chain "Social Network Hub" -- Thousands of Supply Chain and Procurement professionals are invited to join new business networking model
February 11, 2008

Ottawa, February 11, 2008 -- CATAAlliance, Canada’s largest high-tech community, and Jon Hansen, Chief Architect for Hansen Consulting and Seminars Inc., have announced a partnership to promote Supply Chain and Procurement Practices. The partners stated that the first active program of the Partnership is the opening today of a “social network hub” -- an online interactive gathering-place where expertise can be shared and professional contacts expanded.

“Our focus is supply chain practice including procurement, and the impact today’s purchasing professional can and will have on organizational transformation,” stated Jon Hansen, Chief Architect for Hansen Consulting and Seminars Inc. A leading authority on Supply Chain management, Mr. Hansen added that “It has always been my belief that the more you know, the more you realize you need to know. Social network hubs are the “new medium” for efficient and effective communication between diverse members of the global community.

“Hubs are the best way to engage and challenge professionals as they reshape the way organizations procure goods and services for the next 25 years. Participants will have access to a huge network of like-minded people with exactly the same challenges as themselves, with whom they can share issues and solutions.”

“Over the past two decades Jon has become known as one of North America’s leading authorities on Supply Chain management,” said CATAAlliance President John Reid. “CATA has been working on this issue for years, and we recognize that our prosperity depends in large measure on our ability to join in global supply chains. We must become the best in the world at offering “smart value” to our partners. Through Jon Hansen, we have an acknowledged champion who can jump-start our communities of experts.

“We are delighted that Jon has become the Chief Architect of the CATAAlliance Supply Practices Hub.”

Transforming Mr. Hansen’s community of thousands of Supply and Procurement executives to a social network hub, explained Mr. Reid, will create “a world-class technological pole. We will ride a new wave of Web 2.0 engagement and relationship development tools, allowing people to harness their full capacity for communicating and exchanging ideas.

Work is not a place anymore; it’s a space -- a space you share with colleagues.”

The Supply Chain and Procurement social networking hub offers these features:

  • Forums dedicated to a diverse range of subjects such as Public Sector procurement, Supplier development and procurement’s Financial impact on an enterprise;
  • Timely information and thought provoking concepts to encourage a spirited and meaningful exchange between participants.
  • Topical exchanges on issues such as the effectiveness of the current government RFx process or the emergence of Web 2.0 as a major force within the Enterprise Software market;
  • An “open forum” whereby members can share everything from their personal experiences (and opinions) to the services their companies provide.

“We are pleased to welcome our colleagues to the new world of business intelligence and social networking”, concluded Mr. Hansen.

++ Action Item: Executives are able to join the Hub though direct invitation by Jon Hansen, Chief Architect or by sending a request to CATA President, John Reid, at email with Supply Chain Hub in the Header. There are no fees associated with joining the CATA Supply (Chain) Practices Hub. We reserve the right to restrict access.

About Hansen Consulting and Seminars Inc.

Jon Hansen has been generating substantial savings for companies since he entered the high technology sector in 1983. Featured on CBC’s Venture program for his innovative Procurement Programs Jon continued his innovation as President of PLM Corp. between 1997 and 2002. PLM Corp. was sold to a publicly trade company in 2001. He was honored as an Ottawa finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2004 and 2005.

Recognized as a leading North America Authority on improving supply chain management Jon is often retained by organizations such as the Purchasing Management Association of Canada (PMAC), the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) and the National Association of Educational Procurement (NAEP) to provide either a 1-Day orientation seminar or 2-Day accredited course based on his award winning Changing Face of Procurement Conference Series. This 4-Part Series has successfully provided both public and private sector organizations with the insights they have needed to effectively evaluate the viability of their e-procurement strategy (including RFP creation) or alternatively, to drive greater value from an existing e-procurement program. If you would like to communicate with Jon directly, his e-mail address is