Mobile Health (m-Health) Advocacy: Help us advance today & grow the e-health sector
February 15, 2013

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  • Group: Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA)
  • Subject: Mobile Health (m-Health) Advocacy: Help us advance today & grow the sector

Dear members

Under CATA’s theme of Digital Leadership for the 21st Century, we have launched a new advocacy Campaign, called “m-Health Real Time.” See this URL for details and your action items: 

The communiqué makes the case re the importance of Canadian mobility health care leadership, and thus the need to remove barriers and foster the growth of medical technologies and services delivered electronically.

If you produce medical technologies and/or services then please send an email with m-health in the subject line. We will alert you to new resources supportive of your business growth.

Thanks for your leadership in helping us advance this Campaign.

John Reid, CEO, CATAAlliance 

Michael Kedar, Member, CATAAlliance National Leadership Council 
Posted By John Reid