Green IT Survey and Whitepaper
February 20, 2009

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As you may have heard, CATAAlliance has engaged leading Canadian IT industry analyst Michael O'Neil as our Vice President, Green Research. Michael is recognized across North America as one of the leading voices on Green IT. Among other accomplishments, Michael has co-authored (with Paul Marcoux of Cisco) the highly regarded white paper, Green Tiering in Practice: Using Green Tiering for Self Assessment and Building Actions Plans.

Michael has now made this paper freely available; you can check it out by clicking here to go to the downloads section of More to the point, he has allowed us to make a unique offer to members of CataAlliance.

The Green Tiering paper refers serveral times to a survey that can be used as part of a green assessment process. InformationWeek Canada subscribers are now invited to access a version of this survey. If you complete the survey and regiser for the GreenerIT microsite (launched by CATAAlliance with leading trade journal InformationWeek Canada and social media pioneer IT in Canada), Michael will personally review your responses and send you your own Green Status assessment. You can use the results as the basis for your own organization's green IT program.

In tough - and green - economic times like thses, when "circling the wagons" is a strategy for failure, this is an opportunity you can't afford to miss. Give us 10 minutes of your time and we'll help you respond to one of the biggest challenges in the industry. You won't be sorry.