CATA pushes for m-health in emergency network: ComputerWorld Canada: Doctors & nurses should have access to proposed Canadian wireless network that originally was largely for police, fire, paramedics & crash investigators
February 20, 2013

February 20, 2013

The organization that represents the many of the country’s high tech companies is urging Industry Canada to expand the number of people eligible to access a proposed public safety wireless network to include doctors, nurses and clinicians.

The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) has issued a release calling on its members to lobby Members of Parliament and the press to urge Industry Canada to include mobile health (m-health) uses for the proposed network.

"Recent emergencies in public health and increased reliance on m-Health have demonstrated the criticality of getting the right information securely into the hands of those who need it most, in real time, and across jurisdictional boundaries," said CATA CEO John Reid in the release.

"Enhancing quality, improving convenience, extending reach and reducing cost of healthcare are the potential benefits of m-Health should the underlying mobile infrastructure be designed to provide ubiquitous broadband "medical grade" performance. Local governments, public safety and healthcare agencies across the country are evaluating the benefits of broadband wireless mobile networks for remote access to information, both mission critical and routine, to improve real-time situational awareness for better decision making and to enhance collaboration and information sharing."

Almost a year ago the Harper government decided that a section of valuable 700 MHz wireless spectrum should be set aside for a public safety wireless broadband network.

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