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A Teleforum on how Municipalities can supply super-networks through Data Utilities, with William (Bill) Hutchison Chair, i-Canada; Paul West, Rhyzome Networks; and Adrian Ma, Alcatel Lucent

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Municipalities today are searching for a way to obtain fast and affordable communications. A key to being ‘on the map’ in today’s Knowledge Economy, fast communications and networking are vital to both community activities as well as business growth. One path to the goal of high-speed communications is through the implementation of “Data Utilities” -- a municipally-owned organization such as an electricity utility -- to provide the communications service.

The promise of Data Utilities is that they could provide the same affordable access to collaboration as other leading cities in the world -- cities where new models of effective health care, world class education and workplace collaboration can be innovated.

The city of Stratford – along with Windsor-Essex -- is a Canadian city that has made the prestigious list as one of the Top Seven Intelligent Communities of the year. Paul West is VP, Business Development at Rhyzome Networks, an entity owned by the city of Stratford but operating independently. Stratford created a citywide municipal services network based on a mesh wide area network (MWAN) technology that supports both smart metering and high-speed mobile Internet access. The system transmits encrypted smart meter data and backhauls it to the Rhyzome fiber optic network. The system also makes the entire city a high-speed wireless broadband hot spot, enabling residents, businesses and visitors to enjoy instant Internet access from virtually anywhere in Stratford.

Alcatel-Lucent is a leader in offering very high-speed broadband connections to municipalities. Alcatel-Lucent’s solution emphasizes how to build smart communities with existing assets. The presentation will cover Smart Community Models – Ownership and Operations; the efficient use of existing assets such as utilities, law enforcement, fire, ambulance, libraries, and municipalities; how to deal with the Canadian context of low population density, which favours a wireless approach; and the critical role of utilities. Examples will be given of Smart Communities.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits and challenges of implementing a Data Utility, join a group of your colleagues on March 9, 2011, for a Teleforum briefing call and Q&A on the use of Data Utilities to create ultra-broad communications in communities.

The Speakers in the Teleforum include:

  • Bill Hutchison, Chair, Toronto Waterfront Advisory Council, and Chair,i-CANADA.
  • Paul West, VP of Business Development, Ryhzome Networks
  • Adrian Ma, Solution Architect, Alcatel-Lucent

Bill Hutchison is Chair and CEO of Hutchison Management International; Chair of Waterfront Toronto's i-Waterfront Advisory Council and their Executive Director, Intelligent Communities; and, as a social entrepreneur the founding chair or director of ten industry and social consortia and charitable foundations.
Please view the video of William Hutchison [bio].

Paul West is VP of Business Development at Rhyzome Networks. He has led multiple initiatives into wireless workflow applications and devices for healthcare, technology firms, all levels of government agencies, financial institutions and manufacturing. Rhyzome Networks is a data infrastructure company operating a 60km gigabit fibre optic grid and city wide 802.11N Wi-Fi wireless zones throughout Stratford and six other communities in southwest Ontario. Rhyzome is wholly owned by the City of Stratford and is critical to the City’s strategy to establish Stratford as a digital technology centre and an internationally recognized intelligent community. The company tagline is, “Connectivity for Communities”, reflecting the importance of broadband internet access for municipalities, businesses and residents.

Adrian Ma is a Solution Architect with Alcatel-Lucent. He has held senior roles in Design, Engineering, Operations, Business Development, Project Management and Sales. Over the past decade, Adrian made significant contributions to the growth and development in Utility Telecoms such as Hydro One Telecom and Toronto Hydro Telecom (now owned by Cogeco Cable). Most recently, Adrian lead the Hydro One Telecom team in the design and implementation for one of the largest private MPLS networks in North America for eHealth Ontario. Adrian is a senior member of the Alcatel-Lucent’s Strategic Industries team and is committed to assisting Utility Customers with achieving their mission critical network transformation goals.

The Teleforum Conference Call is a uniquely interactive meeting of invitation-only executives who will also be invited to related venues to extend the information sharing, access to briefing material and encourage peer exchanges.

CATA Teleforum Conference Call: How Municipalities Can Supply “Ultra-Broadband” Through Data Utlities

Date: March 9, 2011
Time: 11:00am – noon, EST

Conference Call format with Q&A

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