ORION President Joins i-CANADA Governors Council
February 23, 2012

Ottawa, February 23, 2012 -- Dr. Darin Graham, President and CEO of ORION, has been named to the i-CANADA Governors Council, announced i-CANADA Chair Bill Hutchison.

"Dr. Graham's vision for ORION will fit perfectly with the high-energy contributions of other leaders who are opening Canada's door to the future," said Mr. Hutchison. "The Governors Council of i-CANADA leads this community-based movement dedicated to creating an Intelligent Nation, in which everyone participates in the economic development, job growth and social prosperity that are characteristic of the world's leading Intelligent Communities."

i-CANADA's Governors Council is Chaired by Premier David Alward of New Brunswick, and includes Premiers, Mayors and CEOs of major Canadian organizations.

ORION is one of the largest Research and Education (R & E) networks in the world, connecting all of Ontario's universities, most colleges, several teaching hospitals, other public research facilities and a growing number of school boards to one another and to the global grid of R&E networks. Stretching almost 6,000 kilometres, ORION is a critical tool that supports and facilitates research, education, collaboration and innovation benefitting Ontario's researchers, educators and learners.

"ORION will work with i-CANADA to illustrate the power of being connected to a super-network," said Dr. Graham. "Ontario's wealth in research and leadership talent can be connected at the grass-roots community level to advance fields such as technology, scientific discovery, teaching and learning."

"We share a common belief that the transformation of Canada through our communities large and small, using a world class national developmental framework and infrastructure that provides the means to leverage opportunities throughout the evolution of the Knowledge Age, will reverse our recent comparative global decline in innovation, productivity and broadband communications and create new hope and economic opportunities for all Canadians."

The Governors Council sets the strategic direction for i-CANADA, and it is assisted by experts from an Advisory Board of some 60 people.

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