A Letter from John Reid to Tech Community Executives
February 24, 2012

Dear Tech Community Executives The above communiqué represents and outlines some of the activities, programs and resources CATA is offering the community to support the success of your enterprises and to boost Canada as a Competitive Innovation Nation.

In addition, CATA VP of Research, Kevin Wennekes, is preparing a special Update on Public Safety, Advanced Security and Interoperability. There will be opportunities for you to participate in the development of a Security Road Map for Canada, a Buyers Group, 700 MHz Task Force, among other initiatives.

Our on-line outreach has reached a viewer ship of 2 million executives and we now see increased international participation in CATA TeleForums and Advocacy.

On behalf of the CATA Board of Governors, we encourage you to work with us in advancing the CATA mission and to requesti the use of our resources to help advance your success in the marketplace. Many large and small companies alike are doing so and benefiting through audience acquisition, marketing insight, advocacy and sales.

If you send me an email directly, I can connect you with our key leaders and networks.

Best regards,

John Reid, CATA CEO

Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance),
Tel: (613) 236-6550, http://www.cata.ca