Pilot of CRA's New SR&ED Guidance for ICT sector - April 5th, Ottawa: Register Now!
February 10, 2016

imageforcata.jpgNew SR&ED Guidance

“This is an important outreach to the community by the CRA and our opportunity to assist the CRA with its guidance.” (CATAAlliance) ++ Action Item: Please review the background of the April 5th Pilot seminar (Marshes Golf Club, 320 Terry Fox Drive) on the CRA's New SR&ED Guidance for ICT sector and then register on-line (no charge) at: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/pilot-of-cras-new-sred-guidance-for-ict-sector-tickets-21784879160?ref=ebtn


The CRA has been working on clarifying its guidance on SR&ED claims in the ICT sector.  The CRA's proposed guidance for the sector will be piloted with interested parties in conjunction with the regular monthly “Tech Tuesday” event hosted by Wesley Clover for ICT industry participants, April 5, 2016, at The Marshes Golf Club in Ottawa.  This new material is being developed with the facilitation of CATAAlliance as the basis for a future CRA-CATA webinar. The Pilot is intended to provide a robust opportunity for senior technologists and professionals familiar with the program to provide the CRA with their thoughts on what additional topics could be addressed, where additional clarity could be provided, and how.  As well, the idea is to explore how the CRA's needs, as outlined by the guidance, can be most easily integrated into a company’s development plans.

The CRA's presentation of its guidance will take about an hour.  It will be followed by a round table panel and audience discussion with the CRA on the material.

Session Co-chairs: CRA , and Russ Roberts (CATAAlliance)

Who should attend:  Senior technologists and professionals familiar with the SR&ED claiming process in the ICT sector, including company professionals involved in developing the claims; those interested in possibly developing claims; and senior professionals with interest in SR&ED.

When:  April 5th, 2016, from 3:30 pm to around 5:00 pm, after which the normal Tech Tuesday sessions will follow.  This will provide participants with the opportunity for networking with colleagues and CRA officials immediately after the Pilot.

Where: The Marshes Golf Club, 320 Terry Fox Drive, Ottawa, Ontario.

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