Health Care Costs Spiraling Out of Control?
March 08, 2007

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Ottawa, March 8, 2007... The CATAAlliance's Commonwealth Advantage program, in conjunction with the CommonPulse online collaboration initiative, has partnered with Health Connexions, a provider of leading-edge health care solutions, to bring companies a unique service to help you better manage the health care of your employees.

Imagine a health care system where …

  1. Your employees and healthcare patients could more readily remember to take their medication
  2. Doctors could more easily collect answers from your employees and healthcare patients that would improve the physicians' diagnosis and treatment plans
  3. Education was delivered to your employees and healthcare patients in a way that helped them learn how to take better care of themselves

How would this help your organization?

  1. Reduced employee absenteeism
  2. Improved employee productivity
  3. Employees knowing that you are providing new services to them that show you care about their health
  4. An ability to analyze the data* to identify the key drivers of health care costs in your organization

*[On a global basis only, i.e., not patient-specific]

In a study published this month, in 'The American Journal of Managed Care', the authors looked at 1301 employees and found that "employees non-adherent with acute treatment were 38.7% more likely to have STD (short-term disability) claims than adherent employees (i.e., patients who complied with their medication plan)." Their conclusion stated that "Employers may save indirect costs by providing assistance to encourage employees to adhere to their … medication treatment."

The Remedy® Patient Communication Management System

Patient Adherence and Compliance:

  • Evidence shows that personal involvement improves satisfaction with, and the outcomes and appropriateness of, care
  • Research shows that many people want:
    • More involvement in decisions about their care
    • Better information about health problems and conditions, treatments and lifestyle issues
    • Greater support from health professionals and employers to practice self-care

Health Connexions has a new tool which provides a way to interact and communicate with patients on a daily basis, to ensure they are actively engaged in their healthcare. This allows patients to know - and act on - important information which helps them comply better with their medication regimen. Here are some of the results from a recent Remedy® program.

  • 83.3% Patient Recruitment Rate - the majority of patients offered the program, agreed to participate in it
  • 100% Patient Retention to Date (6 months) - patients are 'sticking with' Remedy - allowing you, their employer, to consistently communicate healthcare-oriented messages to them
  • 91.7% Daily Patient Access to the Website - patient are regularly getting the information they need, and recording their adherence to their care plan
  • 42% Used Their Cell Phone to Access Remedy
  • 67% Used SMS/Text Messaging to Access Remedy
  • 83% Checked Their Remedy Email Once or More Times a Day

How Remedy Can Help Patients Manage Their Health Better

Remedy® is a great tool for patient communication management - AND, it also provides a private, personal health record. Remedy is free for any employer who wants to provide better health care management for their employees.

We obtain the sponsors for the tool, who help to fund the costs for its distribution to your employees.

The Remedy® Patient Communication Management tool can help facilitate improved employee and patient care, and enhanced compliance and adherence. Remedy® provides a way to interact and communicate with people on a daily basis, to ensure they are actively engaged in their health care. This allows people to know - and act on - important information which helps them comply better with their medical regimen, e.g., their care plans, exercise, medication and diet programs.

This program can help people achieve better health outcomes. It's a new, unique way for them to receive the reminders they NEED and WANT - and, it's custom-designed by health care issue. Here are just some of the features of Remedy®:

  • Pervasive convenience with data being transmitted through multiple methods:
    • Cell phones, PDA's, PC's and laptops
  • Automated Notifications to help remind patients
    • For example, in asthma, we send out daily notifications about the weather, pollution and allergen counts - where they live!
  • Automated Alerts notifies the circle-of-care
  • Latest News & Education Updates - Relating to Patient's Condition
  • Chat Room for Patients to engage each other on how they are coping with their condition
  • FAQ's & 'Ask the Expert' instills 1-to-1 contact

We are offering this tool FREE OF CHARGE to employers that request this service … it is a solution you can provide to your employees, to help them achieve better health outcomes.

What better way to show your employees that you are putting HEALTH CARE FIRST. A new, unique way for them to receive the reminders they NEED and WANT - it's custom-designed by health care problem.

We are very excited about the opportunity to make this available to your organization. And, we hope to be able to provide patients with more, enhanced ways to manage their health care, through a strong partnership with your organization.

Please call Dawn Van Dam, President of Health Connexions, at 416-516-6372, ext. 250 or e-mail Dawn at if you would like to consider launching this new patient-focused tool for your organization.

P.S. Another important way to consider Remedy® for your organization is to become a sponsor. Do you want to reinforce your product or brand message to engaged and active patients? Call us and ask about opportunities to gain an enhanced profile for your organization by becoming a sponsor of the Remedy® program. Sponsorship can be as low as a few dollars a month per patient.

P.P.S. Key questions: Are you trying to reach people every day, with a key message? OR, are you trying to reach people who are 50+? Are you trying to reach people who are actively engaged in improving their life and their health? If you answered yes to any of these questions, call us at Health Connexions to talk about Remedy® sponsorship opportunities.

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About Health Connexions:
Health Connexions is a company dedicated to building partnerships and improving health care through innovative program solutions.
Our forte is that we specialize in strategic planning and market research, as well as the tactical implementation of health care solutions like continuing medical education programs, patient compliance programs and physician practice audits & patient registries.
Health Connexions is a health care service aggregation company with expertise in bringing new solutions and partners to the health care industry, to produce new and better results. Our goal is to improve health care delivery, and broaden access to that care for more people, in both the public and private health care sectors.