CATA Addresses German Innovation Meeting
March 11, 2010

CATA Addresses German Innovation Meeting

CATA EVP Barry Gander will speak at the Network of Automotive Excellence Project Day Electric Mobility Innovation Award congress in Dusseldorf, Germany, on March 19th. The Innovation Award Competition, started by the Europe-based Network of Automotive Excellence, NoAE, is now open to Canadian companies and individuals, a first for a non-European country. “This gives Canadian organizations and researchers a jump on international competitors,” said Gander. “It also marks a tremendous vote of confidence in the quality of Canadian innovation.”

The Network of Automotive Excellence is an inter-company initiative which aims at strengthening the competitive edge and securing the future of the European automotive and automotive supplier industries. Since 2007, the organization has been presenting the award to researchers who provide ideas and technologies which have the potential to lead to innovative applications in the automotive industry. The awards focus on ideas and solutions that stand out due to high customer benefits and large transfer potential within the automobile. Results of previous Innovation Competitions show haw fast the new inititiative has caught on; in 2009, from around 500,000 industry contacts, the NoAE received 380 qualified entries from 20 European countries. Results from the 30 winners of the previous competition showed that all parties received valuable innovation directions that led to sustainable partnerships. Winners of the competition get to present their work to a large audience of auto executives from around the world, at the Automobile Summit in Wurzburg -- one of the premier events in the auto industry calendar. In addition to the partnership potential of that invitation, the NoAE will publish the winning ideas on its web site, and may continue to nurture the ideas after the event.

Mr. Gander will also participate in events in Holland, and meet European companies active in the "mobile cloud" field.

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