Shared Services Canada (SSC) Technologies & Solutions: Complete your eProfile today to help address SSC’s transformational agenda
March 11, 2013

Complete your eProfile today to help address SSC's transformational agenda

Your Action Items:
Please join the SSC Forum social network and add to the Conversation on SSC transformational agenda at:

Your next step is to detail your capabilities to address the transformational agenda on eProfile at:

Minister Ambrose and Shared Services Canada are seeking the views of the ICT sector on key elements of its transformation agenda. These include developing standards for security, data and technologies; defining how the Government will source data centres and telecommunications; and identifying best practices for procurement as well as ways to accelerate innovation and commercialization in the Canadian ICT sector.

Shared Services Canada (SSC) Social Network: Be part of it!

To assist in addressing SSC's transformational mission, we have created a SSC Forum social network (1300 members) to enable executives to raise issues for advocacy and to network with peers on common areas of interest. A case and point is Data Sovereignty, recently raised by members on the SSC Forum, subsequently reviewed in a cross Canada Teleforum Conference call and then addressed in a detailed advocacy note to SSC. Are there other issues for advocacy?

Shared Services (SSC) Technologies & Solutions eProfiles: Be part of it!

In addition to advancing advocacy, we are eProfiling or matchmaking company/organization capabilities and interests to local, provincial and federal governments. One of our goals is to accelerate innovation and commercialization in the Canadian ICT sector.

Filling out an eProfile puts your organization into a Canadian and global database of businesses with technologies and solutions developed to modernize government organizational structures and the associated delivery of services and programs. Control of your identity is assured, and the database is secure.

We will also be promoting your capabilities though our extensive partner, collaborator, investor and media outreach databases and social media channels.

When potential partners or collaborators (at local, provincial & federal levels) are looking for products, resources or services that match your capabilities, you will be contacted to advise on whether you want to be identified.

Ps We are able to customize a business and technology outreach for your organization, along the lines of Proctor and Gamble and 3M Corporation. Simply contact CATAAlliance representative, Cathi Malette at with your request and our team will then develop your specialized template.

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