CATA's Export Success Tool "E-Profile" Now Available For All High-Tech Companies
March 16, 2006

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March 16, 2006 -- A new online business matchmaking service called the "Export Profile", or E-Profile, which has been used to successfully connect more than 100 Canadian companies to American multinationals for sales and partnership growth, is now being launched for the general Canadian high-tech business community, according to spokespeople from the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA).

"We're calling all companies that want to grow their businesses through exports," said Barry Gander, EVP, CATA. "The E-Profile tool was originally developed to help Canadian companies connect to export and partnership opportunities within the two largest economic blocks in the world: NAFTA and the Commonwealth. In fact, we expect the E-Profile -- now used mostly by American multinationals -- will super-simplify export growth in the 13 fastest-growing economies in the world, which are all Commonwealth countries like India and Pakistan."

"We are focused on encouraging foreign based companies to invest in Canada and create new product and service mandates," said CATA's VP of Research Kevin Wennekes. "As Canada's largest high-tech association, we have been opening export opportunities in Asia, North America, Europe and the Middle East. The E-Profile is an accelerator for these markets -- it provides a frictionless, low-cost way to meet a world of partners."

Filling out the following E-Profile will put a company into a global database of businesses and public sector organizations. When companies in Canada and abroad are looking for growth partners and new service and product ideas, they can ask CATA to scan its database for matches. Each company on the database controls its own information. It also has complete control over who is permitted to see the company name, through CATA's double-blind database service. When potential partners are looking for products, services or venture partners that match your capabilities, the registered company is contacted directly to advise on whether it wants to be identified. Thus, both the description of the company and the disclosure of its name are under the control of the registered company.

E-Profile Benefits

The E-Profile is:

  • A Business-to-Business matchmaking tool, designed to find and connect partners, markets and investors.
  • A source for Requests For Proposals and contract news.
  • A global opportunity "multiplier" for products and services.
  • A precision locator tool for finding companies which fit your exact requirements for deal-making.
  • A catalyst that speeds acceptance and "reach" of your services and products.

Successful Trials

E-Profile can demonstrate successful partnering and business growth. Recent work on the E-Profile model with 3M Corporation has provided 58 Canadian companies with partnership opportunities, involving some 88 proposals for new products and commercial relationships. 3M spends $1.25-billion on R&D. For 3M information, please refer to:

Rockwell Collins is another U.S. giant which has proved the E-Profile model. A worldwide leader in the design, production and support of communication and aviation electronics for commercial and government customers, Rockwell Collins' 17,000 employees work in 27 countries. "Canadian companies that connect to Rockwell Collins will join a global supply chain," said Mr. Gander. For news on Rockwell Collins, see:

Northrop Grumman IT is the latest partner for the export model, and is one of the industry's premier technology leaders. Headquartered in McLean, Va., the company generates annual sales of approximately $5 billion and has more than 23,000 employees worldwide. "Northrop Grumman IT's overall goal is to identify Canadian technology partnerships or new solutions that can help reduce cycle time or cost in providing cost effective solutions to its diverse customer base," stated Mr. Wennekes. More information can be found at:

E-Profile and the Commonwealth Advantage

The Commonwealth Advantage is a private-sector, member-based association that seeks to lever ties within the Commonwealth to build practical business advantages for businesses. "The made-in-Canada Commonwealth Advantage program is a one-stop business-to-business matchmaker for companies looking to trade, or partner with, other firms and public sector organizations in the 53 Commonwealth countries," said Commonwealth Advantage President Sinclair Stevens. "The Commonwealth Advantage is a meeting ground where business-oriented leaders from the private and public sector organizations are linked and coordinated, leading to synergistic growth for all economies. By providing a virtual partnership arena through the E-Profile, we can take advantage of an ideal trading exchange -- Canadian companies have the knowledge that the emerging economies of the Commonwealth need, while those countries in turn posses the fast-growing market opportunities sought by Canadian exporters."