Announcement from Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA): New & Expanded eProfile service to promote technologies & solutions to Canadian & Global marketplace
March 18, 2013

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Dear Group members

In addition to CATA's advocacy work to support innovation and entrepreneurship in Canada, we are profiling or matchmaking company/organization capabilities and interests to prospective customers, media, collaborators and suppliers. 

As part of this new and expanded service, organizations are now able to complete a capabilities listing, called eProfile, qualifying them for review by customers, collaborators, suppliers or investors. eProfile is an easy to use on-line Survey form designed with the help of our partners.

Our first areas of focus are:

++ Technologies and Solutions to assist local, provincial and federal government departments and agencies modernize their delivery of goods and services. Your profile can be completed at this URL: 

++ The heath care sector regarding technologies and solutions that assist the efficient and effective delivery of patient care. Your profile can be completed at this URL: 

Filling out eProfile puts your organization into a Canadian and global database of businesses, public sector organizations and educational institutions. Control of your identity is assured, and the database is secure.

One of our goals is to accelerate innovation and commercialization in the Canadian ICT sector as we help create Canada’s competitive innovation nation. 

Please let us know if there are any other ways we can assist in advancing your enterprises, including areas of advocacy concern that the CATA team can help resolve.

On behalf of the CATA National Leadership Council 

John Reid, CATAAlliance CEO