Jump-starting Canada’s Venture Capital Industry: VC advocacy to help grow Canada’s Innovation Nation
March 19, 2012

Stephen Hurwitz is a partner at Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP, Boston and an Executive Member of the CATAAlliance, Crowdfunding Advocacy Campaign. Mr. Hurwitz recently published an article in Private Capital Magazine, entitled, “Jump-starting Canada’s VC Industry: Why only a bold government move can boost the country’s supply of VC financing.”

In the article, Mr. Hurwitz sets out a plan for revitalizing Canada’s VC industry through a fund-of-funds program organized as an innovative partnership of the public and private sectors.

Full details may be viewed at this URL:


Encouraging major changes to the VC environment in Canada is a key theme of the CATAAlliance, Innovation Nation Campaign. Join with us in this advocacy by calling for changes.


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