Diversity Procurement Study Launched: Invitation to Participate at Procurement Fair Roundtable
March 20, 2008


CATAAlliance in conjunction with the Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Suppliers Council (CAMSC) are pleased to announce the launch of a national study called: Business Drive for Diversity. The study will seek to create a better understanding of aboriginal and minority businesses and their operating challenges; corporate Canada’s diversity policies and practices; and measure the need and anticipated services that could be offered through a Procurement Portal for Minority and Aboriginal Business Owners.

The study will consist of a national online survey and interviews/consultations with Canadian industry and government leaders. The first public consultation is being launched at the upcoming CAMSC Procurement Fair taking place on April 2–3 in Toronto. (Download a PDF copy of the brochure here.)

“This initiative will provide us with much-needed information on Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Businesses that simply has not been available to us in the past,” says Orrin Benn, President of CAMSC. “The anticipated outcomes of this study will also assist us in forming our planned Diversity Procurement Portal which we believe will ultimately simplify buyers' identification of innovative and emerging suppliers and enable Aboriginal and minority entrepreneurs to profile their businesses globally.”

The survey will be launched in the coming weeks and will be announced through both CATA and CAMSC networks. In order to secure your participation in the survey, interviews or the upcoming roundtable discussion, please contact either CATA or CAMSC representatives as identified below.

Finally, a limited number of support opportunities still exist for both the Drive for Diversity study and the CAMSC Procurement Fair. Supporters benefit from increased brand awareness resulting from extensive pre- and post-marketing vehicles, participation in high-profile speaking engagements, and competitive, exclusive market research information, to name only a few of the returns. Please contact the individuals identified below to learn more.

CATAAlliance members and stakeholders can save 50% off the CAMSC Procurement Fair by using the certificate available here:


Brent Wennekes
(613) 236-6550 ext 227

Michelle Mcintyre
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The Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council, is a private sector led non -profit organization with a growing membership of forty-eight Fortune 500 corporations in all major business sectors. CAMSC's mission is to facilitate procurement opportunities between aboriginal and minority owned businesses and corporate supply chains.