Governing Smarter: Leadership Roundtable on how government agents can boost accountability and help Canada compete more powerfully on the global stage - Expert Briefing Now Available
April 2, 2008

Of special interest to organizations providing technologies and services for Government modernization

Some thirty per cent of the costs of the Canadian federal government are associated with the need to comply with the rules for accountability, according to the Honourable Don Mazankowski, co-chair of the Prime Minister's Advisory Committee on the Public Service released in February 2008.

On February 26, 2008, senior federal public servants met in an executive roundtable on government accountability and set themselves the target of proposing measures that would reduce that 30 percent by two percent -- thus starting the government on the road to working smarter, reducing costs and regaining public trust.  A second Roundtable is being planned to further advance the thought leadership in the field of Government modernization and innovation.

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