Legislative Alert & Mobilization: Traffic Shaping Internet Policies
April 7, 2008

Of direct interest to organizations/individuals concerned with the cost and efficiency of internet access

A recent decision to quietly restrict the amount of file-sharing traffic (i.e., traffic shaping or throttling) flowing through internet networks during peak times has ignited a fierce debate over the level of competition permitted in the industry and the number of options available to internet users seeking speedy service.

The Canadian Association of Internet Providers (CAIP) alleges that “traffic shaping” effectively curtails competition in the industry by applying traffic-restriction policies to any providers who deliver internet services.

The “throttling” reduces speeds by as much as 90 percent - and marks an important milestone since the outcome will provide a clear answer on whether Canadian law currently protects net neutrality or if legislative reform is needed. For more details, please refer to:




++ Action Item:  Please contact your local MP and provide him/her with a copy of the Legislative Alert as well as circulate the Alert to your network of business and media contacts as part of the industry’s mobilization Campaign. 

CAIP's Mission is to foster the growth of a healthy competitive Internet service industry in Canada through collective and cooperative action on Canadian and international issues of mutual interest.