Net Neutrality Quick Poll: Help set the agenda
April 8, 2010

Please take 30 seconds to share your thoughts on net neutrality related issues using the poll feature on CATA's hompepage. The debate is heating up and as Canada’s voice for technology and innovation in Canada, we want your perspective:

How important are net neutrality related issues to you?


Thank you to our latest CATA Quick Poll Sponsor, Skyway West!

++Action Item:

Please contact Brent Wennekes, CATA projects director at if you would like to participate further in this research, or if you are interested in sponsoring a future CATA Quick Poll. The CATA Quick Poll leverages CATA’s 120,000 plus network of Technology executives to provide perspective and direction on today’s hot-button issues.

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Skyway West Business Internet Services is a full service ISP specializing in providing Business Class DSL, Wireless, T1 and Fibre Internet access and private networking solutions to customers in British Columbia and Alberta. Its flagship product T1 Xstream combines different types of broadband connections from different Internet providers into a single connection delivering faster up and downstream speeds. Inbound and outbound traffic only slows down if an individual service fails.

To discuss Net Neutrality related issues, please contact:
Bill Campbell, President, Skyway West

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