CATA Executive Teleforum on Shared Services Canada (SSC) Critical Update & Q&A with Benoit Long, Sr. DM: Recording and Presentation Bundle Now Available!
April 8, 2013

This CATA Executive Teleforum, moderated by CATA SSC Liaison, John Cousens, features Benoît Long, Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Shared Services Canada (SSC) who is responsible for SSC Transformation, Service Strategy and Design. Listen to the recording of this informative and interactive session as Mr. Long provides an update and additional insight on Shared Services Canada’s transformation initiatives and reviews two areas of particular interest: Data Centre Consolidation and Telecom Transformation Strategies, leading to a Conceptual End State.

Our Shared Services Canada (SSC) Forum was created for executives to access briefing materials, share information and provide guidance on matters relating to the mission, mandate and operations of Shared Services Canada (SSC). The SSC Forum is a subgroup of CATAAlliance, and now comprises some 1300 members from across Canada, representing both small and large enterprises, as well as thought leaders from the public and private sectors. It is a rich peer group resource in its own right. Join now if you are not already a member.

Obtain your copy!

Contact Cathi Malette at or 613-889-6465 to obtain a copy of the recording and presentation bundle. The bundle fee is $85 for Non Members; CATA and CanWIT members (no charge). Fees are reinvested in our Competitive Innovation Nation research programs.