Wanted: Innovation & Collaboration Makeovers
April 10, 2012

Dear CATA and i-CANADA supporters,

As a Canadian start-up company proving itself on a global stage, we would greatly appreciate your help.

We are looking for teams, departments and change agents within the Canadian Federal Government who are keen to dramatically increase innovation, productivity and the quality of decision making with the newest innovations from Powernoodle. Participating groups may become part of our submission to the Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program (CICP).

Ideally you are part of a federal government organization linked locally, regionally, nationally or globally and responsible for any of the following:

Programs or projects requiring input from a group of stakeholders
  • The full range of Business Analysis methods including: visioning, scoping, requirements elicitation, project reviews, best practices, gap analysis, post project review, etc.
  • Strategic planning, process design, developing innovation strategies, quarterly plan reviews
  • Policy or standards design, development and reviews
  • Human resources, team leadership development and coaching
  • Group facilitation including face-to-face, live via teleconference or asynchronous
  • Community consultations with either a focused group or wide range of stakeholders
  • Report writing, information gathering and capturing the audit trail of interaction or decision making
  • Looking for ways to engage younger generations and / or manage knowledge transfer with retiring subject matter experts
  • Awards, competitions, conferences or events: planning, executing and debriefing
We are specifically looking for projects, processes or activities that lend themselves to templates, are executed by multiple groups (within a department or across the government) and that would benefit from enabling standards or a consistent approach across groups.

Powernoodle is a flexible, customizable easy to use cloud software platform for decisive group collaboration & innovation. It enables transparent planning, problem solving, consensus building and decision making... for anyone, anywhere, anytime. You can learn more about the current generation of Powernoodle technologies by watching our videos.

If you have a project, process, activity or event in need of a collaboration and innovation makeover, please provide details to Kevin Boon at kevinb@powernoodle.com or by calling 226-333-9002.