The Technology Roadmap(TRM): Teleforum Recording Now Available!
April 13, 2010

April 3, 2010

Canadian First Responder Technology Roadmap Launch:

Teleforum - Recording Now Available!

Listen to this one-hour teleforum recording and gain insight from industry stakeholders regarding the planned execution of a Canadian First Responder Technology Roadmap. This informative and interactive call details the process, anticipated outcomes, and means by which you can contribute to this national consultation.

The Technology Roadmap (TRM) concept is a consultative process that is designed to help industry, its supply-chain, academic and research groups, and governments come together to jointly identify and prioritize the technologies needed to support strategic R&D, marketing and investment decisions. These technologies will be of critical importance to an industry in the next five to ten years.

Featured Speakers

Steve Palmer, Executive Director, Canadian Police Research Centre, Defence R&D Canada - Centre for Security Science

Geoff Nimmo, , Manager - Technology Roadmap Secretariat

Gilles Pageau, Scientific Advisor, Defence Research and Development Canada

Julien Cameron, Manager, Product Management and Marketing, Skyterra

Kevin Wennekes, VP Research, CATAAlliance There is no cost to participate in this call, however, the number of available lines is limited and will be issued in priority sequence to CATAAlliance members and our affiliates. First Responders are guaranteed an available spot upon request - subject to availability.

++ Action Item:
To receive this exclusive CATA Teleforum recording, please contact Cathi Malette at Service fee: CATA Members or Research Subscribers: Free, Non-members: $145 (plus GST) payable by credit card to 613-222-6465.

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