CATAAlliance New Research Repository and Subscription Service
April 13, 2010

April 13, 2010

New Research Repository and Subscription Service Opened to all sectors of the economy: "Expert Edge" Now Readily Available

CATAResearch Division allows direct access to strategic information from more than 100 CATA Research reports and surveys

CATAAlliance is pleased to announce the launch of a new Research Repository and Subscription Service that offers subscribers direct access to the advice of experts in more than 100 business areas. Subscribers easily access White Papers, Surveys, MP3 files, Conference materials and related resources relevant to their interests.

Because CATAAlliance is Canada's largest high-tech organization, its research covers applications in almost every sector of the economy, including tax credits, finance, executive leadership, business growth, performance management, green technology, healthcare, innovation, manufacturing, and security.

"In today's knowledge-based economy, the need for hard and often instant information is critical to maintaining an organization's competitive edge," said Kevin Wennekes, CATA's VP of Research. "We have received so many inquiries for expert knowledge that we felt we had an obligation to make it readily available to all businesses, plus governmental and academic organizations."

CATA's Research Division was created in response to requests by individual companies and syndicates to access CATA's survey and research tools. Similar to CATA's work in advancing industry-wide business growth, supported by timely research, companies are seeking to advance their business agendas through professional research.

Up till now, this research has only been available to CATA members, who can now easily search, access, and download mission critical reports. In today's economic crises, we feel it is important to extend our expert knowledge to all sectors of the economy.

Establishing a stand-alone Research Repository also makes it easier for governmental organizations to obtain information. The CATA Research Subscription allows public servants to get the intelligence they need to better serve their organizations and stakeholders; it allows them to jump the hurdle of having to belong to a non-profit organization.

Wennekes added, "Our Research Subscription Service will benefit the CATA membership overall as we will be able expand research initiatives even further with additional resources. We've always collaborated with our private sector members and leading educational institutions to conduct our Surveys and research. A CATA Research Subscription will offer the subscriber these same opportunities."

Additional Subscriber Benefits:
A CATA Research Subscription also gives subscribers access to CATAResearch Services, the CATAResearch Advantage, and any CATAResearch events. The cost is only $ 900 - $ 1200 annually and more than offset by the huge discounts to participants.

By way of example, Wennekes noted that one of CATA's recent reports, Keeping Canadians Safe, on First Responders' use of technology, emergency preparedness capabilities, and services they would like available to improve interoperability amongst various jurisdictions, which previously sold to non-CATA members for $895, will sell for only $95 to CATA Research Subscribers.

Action Item:
In order to benefit from up to an 80 percent cost reduction on the purchase of survey reports, whitepapers and related business intelligence materials, we encourage users to register as a RESEARCH Repository Subscriber.

Depending on the size of your organization, your annual subscription cost will be $900-$ 1200.

If you have questions then please contact Cathi Malette, at email or call 613-222-6465.

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