Shared Services Canada (SSC) Updates & Q&A:
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April 14, 2012

April 16, 2012

CATA Teleforum Conference Call series on Shared Services Canada (SSC)

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Our Shared Services Canada (SSC) Forum was created for executives to access briefing materials, share information and provide guidance on matters relating to the mission, mandate and operations of Shared Services Canada (SSC).

The SSC Forum is a subgroup of CATAAlliance, and now comprises some 600 members from across Canada, representing both small and large enterprises, as well as thought leaders from the public and private sectors. It is a rich peer group resource in its own right.

As part of utilizing this resource, we schedule regular Teleforum Conference calls to facilitate the sharing of members’ collective insights and research in areas of government restructuring and procurement.

Please join a group of your colleagues on Thursday, May 3rd beginning at 11AM EST for our next Teleforum Conference Call. Moderated by CATA CEO, John Reid, the Call will feature Forum experts who through an interview format will engage us in information sharing and updates on the activities of Shared Services Canada and related Ministries.

The call will begin with a briefing on the post Budget Federal Political Landscape, led by a leading public policy expert, Martin Rust, Senior Consultant, Strategy Corp. Understanding the new government dynamic is critical to your communication strategies.

Also participating in the call to share insights, guidance and help respond to questions will be select Panel members , including, John Cousens,, Graeme  Gordon, Innovapost, Mike McDonald, Dell Canada, and, David Buchanan, Avaya. We are also inviting select government officials to assist with the Q&A portion of the Call.

The Teleforum Conference Call (of particular interest to the IT sector) is a uniquely interactive meeting of invitation-only executives who will also be invited to related venues to extend the information sharing, access to briefing material and encourage peer exchanges.
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Note that the Call-in Registration fee is $65 for Non Members; CATA members (no charge) have preference as we limit caller numbers to encourage active discussion. Fees are reinvested in our Competitive Innovation Nation research programs. Questions:

Martin Rust Senior Consultant, Ottawa

Martin is an experienced Government Relations professional whose diverse experiences have included political engagement in Canada at various levels and international consulting in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Having worked in the areas of strategy and communications, he has advised corporate decision-makers, Members of Parliament, Cabinet Ministers and senior government officials in building practical solutions to address complex problems. Acting as an honest broker, Martin has developed strategies that have helped clients take control of issues and drive creative processes.

Drawing on over twenty years of political and business experience in Canada and around the world, Martin has built a solid tool box of skills including negotiation skills, conflict resolution, message development, strategic planning and research development.
B Martin worked in Baghdad, Iraq consulting to senior politicians and leaders in the country. Previously, he was in Amman, Jordan working with political parties and parliamentarians. He also spent time in Ukraine, Algeria, Indonesia and Washington, DC.

Martin worked with Merrill Lynch in Canada leading teams of financial advisors within a transforming financial services industry. Martin holds a Bachelors degree in Political Science and Economics from the University of Ottawa and is currently completing an MBA through the Henley Business College in the UK.