Application and Use of Emergency Response Technologies in China: now available at the CATA Research Repository
April 15, 2010

April 15, 2010

Application and Use of Emergency Response Technologies in China

New Market Opportunities Study, Survey Analysis and Partnering Database are now available at the CATA Research Repository

"Key Chinese Tech Sector is Eager to do Business With Canadian Companies"

A new study offering a never-before seen look at China's First Responder and public safety and security technology markets was released today by CATAResearch, a division of the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance.

The report, titled "Application and Use of Emergency Response Technologies in China", provides a comprehensive environmental scan of the China First Responder Sector. It identifies key government, association and private company stakeholders -- information that will help give Canadian companies a jump-start that will accelerate successful market entry and show the challenges and opportunities that await them.

The report also provides first-hand accounts from China First Responders and the industry that already serves them regarding their technology strengths, gaps, and perceptions on Canadian capacity and quality.

"This study contains information of great importance to industry, government and Canadian First Responders alike," says Kevin Wennekes, CATA's VP, Research. "For our vendor community, this will provide the first comprehensive overview of a market that has, until now, remained fairly closed and obscure. For the Canadian government and First Responders, they too will likely be fascinated with the scale and scope of the work taking place in China, and should result in new, critical intelligence for any reader."

Along with a report, CATA has also published an online searchable database of over 150 Chinese companies offering a range of advance security products and services to China's First Responder and Advance Security sectors.

"While Canada's brand and product awareness is currently tragically low among First Responders and Chinese industry, there is also a very strong appetite to learn more about our capacity," says Wennekes. "The survey results revealed that 98 per cent of the vendors who participated in the study identified a strong interest in potentially partnering with a Canadian firm, and volunteered to be profiled in this online database."

++ Action Item:
Both the report and the online database are available to organizations at no cost through CATA's sponsorship of global high tech research.

Download your complimentary copy of the report.

You can also access an online searchable database of over 150 Chinese advanced security companies.

CATA is also conducting extensive work (e.g., Market Research, Surveys, Export Promotion, Vendor Relations, Networking Events) in the area of Public Safety, Advanced Security, and Interoperability. Through our China partnerships we are able to fund a range of business development activities. Please contact CATA’s VP of Research, Kevin Wennekes at or CATA President, John Reid at to discuss any interest you may have in these areas.

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