Mono Ontario and i-CANADA working towards Sustainable Rural Community in the Global Digital Economy
April 18, 2012

OTTAWA, April 18, 2012 -- Mono Ontario, under the unanimous leadership of its council headed by Mayor Laura Ryan, has begun working with i-Canada to develop the premier example of a safe, "Intelligent" and sustainable rural municipality where environment, community and natural heritage flourish in harmony with the new digital economy and economic development can focus on becoming a magnet for the knowledge and creative industries.

"Mono's success in becoming "the place to live and create" will be a pioneering example to hundreds of rural communities in Canada and abroad," said Mayor Ryan. "Many communities have creative entrepreneurial leadership and they can participate fully in the global digital economy. The benefits to the community are huge: they can tap into world-level health-care, education, and working opportunities, while maintaining harmony with their environment and cherished traditions. In fact, to survive, rural municipalities must improve the quality of life and safety in their communities by maximizing economic and social benefits through an unlimited, ubiquitous and connected environment."

Energized by Paul Lansing, Bob Mitchell and a group of residents with global business experience, the township of Mono has commissioned i-Canada to help provide an analysis of its needs and capabilities for becoming an attractive intelligent community with good economic and living prospects in the "global village". The use of i-Canada assessment tools will enable the leadership of Mono to develop the business plan and begin, as Paul Lansing said, "to enhance the infrastructure and the collaborative ecosystem towards more aware, interactive and efficient solutions for improved services". Bob Mitchell added that "it is the intent of Mono to gain economic sustainability through the kind of infrastructure and interactive collaboration services which can plug the many creative entrepreneurial people of Mono into the digital economy and allow us to become the 'living lab' that will act as the catalyst for other rural communities."

Dr. Sorin Cohn, Chief Program Officer of i-Canada, added that "Intelligent Communities are those which understand the enormous challenges of the global digital economy and are taking steps to enable a culture of competitive innovation and the environment of systems and services capable to bring and sustain prosperity in the 21st Century".

To compete in the 21st century economic environment, communities - urban and rural - need to apply system thinking and enroll advanced information and communication technologies to develop more entrepreneurial citizen-centric approaches to their evolution. Only by doing so, will they be able to enable and retain their citizen's skills, to encourage knowledge and creativity and attract valuable new members to the community.

About Mono
Located 45 minutes from Toronto Pearson International Airport, Mono has a heritage of rolling, tree-covered hills, parks, trails and a UNESCO Biosphere with amazing people living on rural estates, farms and in tiny hamlets. ‘The Heart of the Headwaters’ is the motto that best portrays its pastoral opportunities.
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About i-CANADA
i-CANADA is dedicated to the creation of smart communities across the country. i-CANADA has assembled a system of proven models, frameworks and processes to assist communities at all stages of becoming an Intelligent Community. 'First the community, then the country', is the motto that i-CANADA uses to visualize the evolution of Canada into one of the world’s Intelligent Nations.
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