CATAnet TV On-Demand Service Launches with Tax Credit Feature
April 20, 2009


CATAAlliance's subscription-based CATAnet TV On-Demand meets today's requirement for information delivered when you want it

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Ottawa, Calgary, April 20, 2009 -- CATAAlliance announced today the launch of its CATAnet TV On-Demand Service with the roll out of the SR&ED (Scientific Research and Experimental Development) Channel. The Service is being delivered in partnership with Alberta based JITR, a CATA member, specializing in the distribution of multimedia and video to large, dispersed and mobile audiences.

CATA's CEO, John Reid said, "We are calling the new service, CATAnet TV On-Demand, because we are drawing on our vast business network of subject area experts to deliver strategic business content. In addition to the SR&ED Channel, CATA plans to add programming in areas such as Advanced Security, Health Care, Web 2.0, Government relations and CEO Leadership."

Reid added, "CATAnet TV On-Demand provides business people with highly specialized advice in a format conveniently accessible based on their schedules. Now, we have a when-you-want-it format for delivering serious business-critical information. This is part of the suite of new services we are offering through our 'Bedouin" or Web 2.0 business model, a full mobility architecture that involves the integration of multimedia and social media into the CATA platform."

According to JITR, Executive VP, Robert Hohol, "CATA is transforming how content is being delivered to its members by giving executives total control over what they watch, when they want to watch it," adding that, "With the launch of CATAnet TV On-Demand, Canada's largest high tech association continues in its role of acting as an example for Canadian IT firms looking to go more agile."

The JITR platform, the JET, being utilized for CATAnet TV On-Demand is a proven business process that lets any company or organization easily deliver LIVE, high-definition video and multimedia messages to large, private, global audiences in a secure, managed, web-based environment. This leadership communications solution allows leaders to deliver important information to their target audience in a much more dynamic fashion than the standard communication tools used today.

Reid concluded, "CATAnet TV On-Demand will offer the very best expertise and resources to help organizations meet today's business challenges. And it is here NOW."

Action Item:

Tune into the SR&ED Channel today: Russ Roberts, Senior VP CATAAlliance, considered one of Canada's leading tax and finance experts, offers critical updates on the SR&ED Program, as well as the new SR&ED Eligibility Self-Assessment Tool. As an extra bonus, subscribers will receive briefing notes and guidance for successful claiming. Viewers may also wish to read Dr. Roberts SR&ED Update and Advisory for April.

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