Executive workshop on the Networked Vehicle
April 21, 2009

Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance

Invitation-only executive workshop on the "Networked Vehicle": Confirm your interest today

Please confirm your interest in participating in an Executive Workshop with the global heads of ICT-auto research whose mission is to visualize the next generation of networked vehicles and to quantify future technology and services needs in a transformed multi billion dollar automotive sector.

You will see from the agenda that executives from the technology and business development sides of Cisco, IBM, INTEL and HP, among others, will deliver original research on issues such as standardization, mobile enhancement, social networks and cloud computing and how they might be implemented in a vehicular environment.

The workshop is being held jointly at the state-of-the-art Automotive Research Campus (CU-ICAR) and the BMW plant in Greenville, South Carolina, from June 15-17.

The meeting is being organized by the Networked Vehicle Foundation (NVF), a CATA division. The Greenville meeting is a follow-through session that builds on the vision established by the world's leading ICT companies: the merging of the global broadband infrastructure will create a new platform upon which an unimaginable range of new services and capabilities will be offered.

The third-day of the workshop will focus on the First Responder sector and the role it has in relation to broadband in securing safety features and regulations for the new-wave of the automotive industry.

There is a 60-person limit on participation. View the short agenda. Executives from organizations with an interest in the merging of the global broadband infrastructure with the world's 8 million vehicles should request a copy of the full agenda by contacting:

Emily Boucher
Executive Manager, Networked Vehicle Foundation

Please pass this information on to your American counterparts who may be interested in pursuing this global initiative.