Women in Information Technology, a new 80 page Report and Survey Analysis,now available at the CATA Research Repository
May 6, 2010

Women in Information Technology, a new 80 page Report and Survey Analysis, prepared by the d’FAMES Consulting Group is now available at the CATA Research Repository.

Executive Summary

Despite the general increase in women’s representation in science, engineering and mathematics, women’s representation in Information Technology (IT) is not approaching parity to men’s representation. Extensive effort has been put into promoting women’s participation in IT but the issue remains complex and the goal of balance in gender equality in this field remains difficult to achieve

This report aims towards drawing research in gender studies with findings related to recruitment and retention practices that impact the gender balance and to also evaluate the research results against observations that were gathered from the quantitative questionnaire study.

It highlights why women are under-represented in the IT industry, despite the efforts to promote their participation; and in conclusion, recommendations and strategies have been highlighted to provide possible options to adopt or integrate within an organization in order to help improve the situation.

The focus of the analysis is to draw relationships between the results of the Survey questionnaire and attempt to link them to recruiting and promoting

Findings of both Quantitative and Qualitative analysis are presented in 15 sections. Each section will present the results from public sector in comparison with private sector.

The report depicts a comparison analysis on the number of women employed in IT within the public and private sectors. The quantitative data from the completed questionnaire was analyzed with a concentration of drawing the linkages between professional commitment, job satisfaction and perceived organizational support. The analysis also illustrates the impact that on-the-job-training programs have on the entry and advancement opportunities for women in IT.

The multitude of numbers presented and analyzed in this report confirms that women representation in IT is low and more initiatives and programs need to be introduced to come close to parity with men representation.

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