Intelligent Health Care, Security Applications To be Demo’d at SUMMIT: Register today
May 15, 2013

Industry and academic leaders will put Intelligent Applications through their paces at the i-CANADA SUMMIT, “The Seven Habits of Highly Intelligent Communities,” in Toronto June 3-4.  The applications will show the audience of Premiers, Mayors and CEOs, how highly networked applications are saving lives, budgets and time.

Equipment will be demonstrated using live high-speed networks; the applications include:

Health Care, Moderated by Rick Huijbregts, VP. Cisco

Jim Gragtmans, Principal at ET Group, will present the Community Collaboration Ecosystem, an organizing framework that allows for faster innovation and better sharing of values.

Ted Maulucci, CIO of Tridel, will demonstrate some of the significant technology trends that will impact future Senior Care:

  • Applications that allow the health care worker to interact with the system while they are walking around the facility;
  • Applications that allow the community to interact with the available medical services including seeing ER wait times on-line, guidance while driving to the nearest facility, and first aid information.;   
  • Skyscape Medical Resources, a free Android application that provides instant information about different drugs and medical conditions for nurses and doctors;       
  • MyPillBox application which allows a person to manage and monitor prescribed medications; 
  • ROS (Review of Systems) which allows a physician to track patient examinations;
  •  InstantHeartRate which allows the user to take their heart rate by placing their finger on the camera of the smartphone.

Robert Luke, AVP Research and Innovation, George Brown College, and Carlos Paz-Soldan, President Tenet Computer Group, will be demonstrating:

  • Augmented Reality as a user-friendly, location-aware gateway to real-time health data, including government Open Data and EDXL HAvE (Emergency Data eXchange Language, Hospital AVailability Exchange)
  • Green Rack Service, a made-in Canada cloud SaaS leveraging Augmented Reality, Mapping, Near-Field Communications, Quick-Response codes, and motion-sensing user interfaces.

In addition, Cisco will have its Care Connect Truck available for tours at the conference venue: George Brown College Lakeshore Campus, 51 Lakeshore Drive.

Public Safety, Led by Hussein Mouftah, Canada Research Chair, University of Ottawa

Hussein Mouftah will describe a new high-bandwidth Test-Bed for First Responders,that is being built in Ottawa.

Alcatel will be connecting remotely to the live LTE band 14 broadband services in the Alcatel-Lucent in Murray Hill, NJ.  showing:

  • The benefits of real-time visual information in decision making and enhancing first responder safety that is possible today with LTE and several Alcatel-Lucent ng Connect Program partners’ applications;
  • Genetec (Live Video), for facial recognition and mass casualty monitoring;
  •  LiveViewGPS for real-time vehicle tracking,
  •  Multimedia collaboration across LTE,

·         A network connected media command table,

·         Ruggedized band 14 smart phone for push to talk and telestration

Harris will present Long Term Evolution (LTE) bandwidth standard, which enables the use of high bandwidth applications such as:

·        Specific high bandwidth PS applications that can be used over LTE like video streaming, situational awareness and voice/video communications; and

·        Harris intelligent LTE enabled devices: a vehicular modem – MBC-100, a ruggedized smart phone – the InTouch and a Public Safety grade tablet – the BTC-100. 

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