Have Your Say: Extend Public Safety mobile spectrum to include m-Health: CATA & CanadaOne launch new advocacy tool
May 16, 2013

CATAAlliance and CanadaOne have joined forces to create “Have Your Say” an on-line  letter writing tool that enables citizens to raise and support issues of concern with their Members of Parliament.

The first Have Your Say issue is the need to extend public safety mobile spectrum to include mobility health care.

According to CATA CEO, John Reid, “Canadians health and safety are at risk by the increase of health professionals relying on mobile technology over commercial networks in their practice. Mobile technology has the ability to transform the way health care is delivered in Canada, but is held back by the growing congestion and unreliability of these networks for real-time life dependent communications.”

He added, “Industry Canada is holding back m-Health by not including Healthcare in its definition of "Public Safety" for the spectrum allocation.”

++ Call to Action: Please Have Your Say at this URL: http://www.canadaone.com/haveyoursay.html?c=3&goback=%2Egmr_37239%2Egde_37239_member_240911500

Note that you will be able to use the letter already included below, or replace it with your own letter on the interface.

Have Your Say Draft Letter

I am writing to draw your attention to an important issue that I am sure you would support, which is to extend the Public Safety mobile spectrum to include Healthcare (m-Health.)

When a significant public emergency occurs, commercial mobile networks jam up as people try to reach their loved ones. To its credit the federal government has recognized the critical situation and has allocated mobile broadband dedicated spectrum to be shared by all public safety agencies operating in Canada under municipal, provincial and federal jurisdictions.

What I would like to draw to your attention is that while emergency Medical Services are included in the definition of "Public Safety" and will have access, Healthcare will not, unless Industry Canada accommodates the need of m-Health in its review.

The exclusion of Healthcare in the Public Safety spectrum puts the health and safety of Canadians at risk, due to the increase of health professionals relying on mobile technology over commercial networks in their practice. We need to ensure that Healthcare is included in the design, deployment and operations of these new networks, so that vital exchanges occur between healthcare institutions and medical professionals can occur.

Given your role in public service, I am sure that like myself, you will see the importance of this issue. I am writing to ask you to please take action to help ensure that Healthcare is included alongside the Public Safety agencies as a priority for this spectrum allocation.